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Posted on Fri Apr 10th, 2020 @ 1:00am by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Holo Doc
Timeline: now

Holo Doc- Razo and Rochanko turn away and walk out into the hall together.

Robert- Rochanko their is too many unknown in this out brake going on. lets make sure our team stay healthy out their. to go please go to the armory and get the Temporal Tactical Assault Armor (TTAA) modded with environmental air filters to provide maxim protection to our health.

Robert stops a second

Robert- make sure they have an environment control system on them and let make sure we can monitor every one health in real time. i want tabs on every one going down.

Rochanko - weapons?

Robert- lets go with a standard load out make sure the security lesions have crowd control measures .. remember these are civilians ..

Rochanko - in close quarters,

Robert- you'r right

Rochanko- ill warn the teams and make sure their fitted, were you going?

Robert- I am going down to the medical bay, am gonna make sure were got the equipment to properly asset the situation. lets get back together in 30 mints with a statues update i want everything together in the transporter bay to do a inventory of everything and every one going down.

Robert walks into the turbo lift

medical bay Robert walks into an semi-empty Bay their was 2 crew members behind a desk working the night shift

Robert- get me your LT tell them to meet me in your medical bay. we are going on mission

Robert was able to get a couple cases of medical equipment to better test and analyze the situation. Robert next went down to the science bay, by the time he got their there was already a team prepping for the mission.

Robert- you guys are the team going down?

Lt- yes sir, i got a team ready to test out why the temps have risen by 20%, we have heavy scanners and computer testers for any randomly anomaly's.

Robert- good lets make sure we are able to test and scan why the environment is being effected.

Lt- yes sir!..

Robert - good meet me in the transporter room with all equipment and personnel

Robert met with Rochanko in the armory.

Robert - how is it going?

Rochanko - going smooth we were able to set up the TTAA with their a longer air supply modification. but the personal shields had to be dialed down alot to power it.

Robert - ok i don't expect us getting shot at......

Robert grab his gear in a pack and headed to the transporter bay

Rochanko- ill meet you down in the transporter bay

Robert walks out the turbo lifts into a Bay were their was a Bay specialist waiting for him.

Robert- i need a ship big enough to run operation out of. we need enough room for a couple guys to monitor personnel and run communication with the ship for transforming data. please add generators in them we need to set up tents for our guys. and make sure its able to connect to the ship i want no contamination in those bubbles tents. please out fit them with a 2 part decontamination bay's.

Bay specialist- rgr that sir. i will look for you when everything is set up

Robert sat down by a bench and pulled out his data pad going over his check list:
equipment- is coming together check
ships- prepping
personnel- informed prepping
communications- data hubs are firing up

Robert- computer load the Jarvis program within my suits hub

computer- downloading now......

Robert puts on his helmet. clicking the button on his helmet to turn on the display a loading screen was turning on. and showing a loading screen.

computer- downloading completed...

Jarvis- name

Robert- LT Robert Razor

Jarvis- LT Robert Razor you now have full control of my systems

Robert- good please connect with my tablet and the ships systems i want to overview of all personnel and situation on live feed.

Robert sat their as a ship was moved towards an empty space of the bay. crew members started walking down with containers of equipment and supplies for the upcoming mission.. Robert understood everything was coming together on their end but everything could change as soon as boots were on ground. he knew its best to prepare for nothing then to not have it.

Robert- Jarvis set up an alarm,, i want to start scanning the planet as we come into orbit.. i want to know everything going on in the planet before we leave for it...


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