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prepairing to land

Posted on Thu Apr 16th, 2020 @ 6:51am by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: ships bay
Timeline: current

here to everyone out there struggling .. you're not alone.. if you need to talk or vent ill be in the chats... I have nothing to do throughout the day .. and as always stay strong for this is the moment you are learning how to live with your self embrace your inner thoughts understand them, learn to love who you are.

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: transportation bay
Timeline: now

Robert- Jarvis set up an alarm, I want to start scanning the planet as we come into orbit. I want to know everything going on in the planet before we leave for it...


The transportation bay was alive with 5 orbital ships getting ready to land on the planet. The landing teams going down were all getting their equipment ready. Each ship had a team specific to their mission the 1st being command and control team, 2nd secuirity teams, 3rd medical teams, 4th science team and lastly 5th would be the transport/equipment teams. Robert was in the central command ship going over the initial phases of the plan.
Phase 1- collect intel
as soon as they reach range long dist scanners will start to scan and updating intel about the health of the galaxy, planet, and Colonies.
Phase 2-
As we reach orbital rotation around the planet, this should give us enough time to began Briefs of current planetary conditions. And overall understanding of the Colonies enviormental factors.. well making sure The teams going down are brief by Robert.
Phase 3-
Final check of equipment/personnel. soon as all teams are green we will execute planetary landing protocols.. the first ship to break orbit will be the control ship. We will make contact with ground controls for the landing procedure. In the meantime, Colonel Steven MayTa Death will make initial contact with the colonies.
Phase 4-
The command and control teams will land first with leaders of each of the 5 teams. Greet with the Colonies leaders to establish ties and understand the current situation. (aka long briefs with the locals) . as crew members work with ground teams to establish the location for the five-ship to establish the forward mission control location.

Phase 5-
once leaders are done with the situation updates. Internal Team leaders will have a quick huddle at the central and command team ship to get final mission orders from LT Robert. And the execution of the mission will begin.

Jarvis- Robert we are in the scanning range of the galaxy beginning scans now…

Robert walked out of the ship to look out into the crowd of crew members preparing to land. Worried faces were all he saw. People were rushing trying to cram everything they could in containers they would be using in the meantime on the planet. Robert understood how they felt. Worried, scared, anxiety is what he saw. Robert climbed on top of a bunch of boxes in the middle of the crowd so he was able to be seen by everyone in the bay

Robert- Jarvis connect me to the transportation bay speakers
Jarvis- connected

Robert- alright ladies and gentleman, listen up

Every one stops doing what their doing.. to look up at Robert.
Robert- I understand this is sudden. I understand you may not know what kinda things you be seeing in this disaster. You may feel the rush, scared, worried, I see it in some of you…. And I won't lie I know I am also scared. but this is no time to fray .. remember this is what you trained for. HOah!...
Crowed – HOah!...
Robert -… we are here to help those in need .. and this ladies and gentleman this is our time to shine… HOah!...
Crowed- HOah!...
Robert- but you're not alone.. you have brothers and sister around you.. remember to help each other out .. now I do not know everything going on the planet .. right now but as soon as I do. you bet ill be passing down so every one of you knows and it's updated with the situation... HOah!...
Crowed - HOah!...
Robert - I expect the same out of everyone.. please update your leaders with the current situation so I hear from them .. what everyone you know..
The Crowed was still silent and had blank faces
Robert- Now tell me who the most badass team going out?!
Crowed- HOah!...
Robert- what was that I could not hear you?
Crowed- HOah!!..
Robert- alright you son of bitchs.. let's get this show on the road we just reach the galaxy I want everyone ready in 30 mikes ready to board your ships. We do one last brief before getting into those ships. I trust in all of you to get it done .. go forth and get it done!!
The crowd became lively as smiles and loud cheers roared from inside the transportation bay. Robert jumps down to some high fives and handshakes...
Jarvis- mic off
Robert- Jarvis play some creedence clearwater run through the jungle landing playlist...
Jarvis- playing

Robert headed to the bridge to give a status update to Colonel Steven MayTa Death and the final plan.


hope every one enjoyed


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