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What in the hell!

Posted on Mon Apr 6th, 2020 @ 3:29pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa & Major Katana Rochelle

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Various places
Timeline: Current

(OCC Ok people starting us off please watch for tags and we need everyone on deck for this
any questions email me)

*Time 0300 hrs*

MayTa sound asleep and everything seemed normal. As he was just getting into a great dream when his
computer starts beeping, her rolls over. What the hell, he looks at the clock. He sees its 3 am, he kicks the
covers off. He staggers to his computer, Computer Authorization MayTa Pie Afla 23 Delta! The computer
stops beeping. The screen comes on, MayTa sees Admiral Charles Star. Sir, what can I do for you? Adm Star
Sorry to wake you, Steve, we have Situation going, MayTa rubs his eyes and sits down in a chair.
What's going on Charles, MayTa asked him. Adm Star, there seems to be a problem with, the colony on Colandis V. There is some kind of out brake going, We don't know if it's viral or what. But it seems that
400 colonists have died from this. Thermo Vents and Fishers have opened, temps have risen by 20% more
than normal. MayTa sitting there nodding sounds bad. But why do you need us, I'm sure we have enough.
Science and medical ships to deal with all this. Adm Star, we do but it will be weeks before we can get to them. Your ship is the fastest and well equipped for all this. Before MayTa can answer, Adm Star
starts giving him his orders,
MayTa listens closely, About 20 minutes passed and Adm. Start Stops speaking. MayTa So is it just us, or
do we have back up. Adm. Star you do Steve the USS Raiden and the USS Thunderbolt. Are 2 weeks out
and will mean you there. Remember, Save as many as you can if you can't contain or stop this problem.
You are here authorized to neutralize Destroy the inter colony. MayTa nods, when do you need us to leave.
Adm. Star As Soon as you can. MayTa nods we be heading out in 48 hours sir. Adm. Star nodding 48 hours
it is. The Screen cuts out, MayTa stands and starts getting dress. He walks out and chimes Captain
Be'lanas door, wake up Bel! On the bridge in 10 mic's (Minutes). He walks down the hall, and up the ramp
to the bridge. Mwo Rochanko Starts contacting everyone.

Bel was finishing getting dressed and new she had to be on the bridge."I'm just about ready" Bel growled a little on her Klingon side.
She had straightened up her Uniform and put her hair up for duty as she walked out of her quarters.

He sees Mwo Rochako, Ro Walks all Senior and Command staff now, have them meet me in my ready room. He turns and walks off to the fare left and walks in. He starts downloading the mission to about 25
padds. He starts going over the mission outline. He is just standing there.

Katana entered the ready room sensing the seriousness of this mission and meeting, "Colonel, CWO Katana Rochelle, ships CEO reporting as ordered, she said quickly snapping the traditional Klingon salute.

Bel walked onto the bridge, and saluted the officers as she walks in." Executive Officer reporting for duty sir."Bel said in a stern way she stood attention looking at the captain's chair thinking ((I need a XO's Chair.

(OCC You have a chair Deb its offset to the back left and we are in the ready room)

Col.MayTa looks up and tosses a padd to his new CEO, Be'lana He yells, We are in the Ready room.
He wonders where is everyone. Katana is our dive systems ready, we are going to need Trans Warp?

"All drive systems checked out and ready for use. Transwarp is ready at your discretion, captain," Katana said, catching the PADD.

Bel looks at Mayta, "I know that Sir." Bel said as she went to find a chair to sit down, as she wondered what's going on, between The captain
and her, and what he wanted with her.

Col.MayTa nods t Be'lana and watches the rest of the Staff and the Holo Doc walking in. Sorry to wakes you,
But Star Fleet has a problem. That we can solve, As of 4 days ago and Epademic has happen on Calandis V.
Not much is know. Take a look on the padds in front of you. This is what we are dealing with,

View of Padds data.

3,560 Civilans
1,600 sick
400 dead and Rising

Known factors environmental changes
planet class type M
Temp Was 96* F Now 110*F
Winds Was normal gust light Now 40 to 50 Mph Gust
Visabilaty very hazy
Sun index 12 Very high
Steam Vents have open along with fisures. Steam is constant at a temp of 100^ F
Vegitation Dying
Inhabitants Animals and Humans alike Sick

Unknown factors.
Virus Infection Unknown
Bactiral Infection Unknown
Contact Pathogin UnKnown
Air Born Pathogin Unknown

Bio Hazard level High to exstream
Bio-Armor/Ev suits included into Medical protocal.

Time to complets mission Unknown

Primary Directive save Colony at all cost..Use and obtaion what resourses need.
Secdonary Direcive If unable to save the Colony, evacuate all surviving Civilians and
nutralizes the Colony sits and head to medical back to SB 34 in sector 001.

Captain Be'lana sir this sounds stupid but why us, we are still two days. Of being fully supplied.
in 48 hrs. I know Be'lana I poined that out. Start Fleet Said we are the only ship fast enough To get there. We are also The only ons fully suited to handle this problem. EMH make sure you and your staff are ready. Gabby Same with your teams! If any of you need anything let Supply know. Captain Be'lana and Dyson,
you two will spear head our resupply,dont care how find away to get what we need aboard in 38 hurs.
Katana Lazerus you two have engineering, Sorry lazerus , I know you been CEO for awail. but Katana has 6 more years over you, I'am at this point making her CEO and you are now Engineering Exspert level 10.
Razo and Rochanko you have security, look over the Colony specs and figure out a away to quaratein all
Zones also once there I want you to launch warning beacons. Science I want you to start looking for the cause, of all this one you have. Get with both Doctors and figure away how to stop the out break.

Col.MayTa I do not want to lose any more Civis or any one on this ship. Follow Protocals At all times.
Any questions? He looks around the room. Lets get it done Marines Dismissed, As the Staff gets up
and starts to leave. XO hang back for a second. The room is clear, he walks up and looks at Be'lana
i her eyes. You ok I can see your in deep thought. Captain Be'lana just looking in his eyes, and she gets
lost looking into his eyes. She dose not know why. Col.MayTa just standing there, if there is anything
you need to talk about, let me know I need you at 200% at all times. Captain Be'lana just in a bit of an awa.
Do you understand me Be'lana. He waves his hand in front of her. She snaps out, aye sir 200%. She gets up
and walks out. Col.MayTa sits on the desk wondering what was that all about

*END* (Occ Ok everyone I know we are all dealing with the Covid 19 and RL but we need to start


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