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The Rerchisting

Posted on Wed Apr 1st, 2020 @ 1:45pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Primary View deck Space Dock Ploigain
Timeline: Current

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"View everyone on Start Fleet Dress all but the Command staff of the Sanctuary,
they are wearing Scottish kilts with tartan and dirks (Traditional Dress of Battalion 25 in
the 3rd Division.)

Col.MayTa wondering about and trying to mingle, he hates big fancy parties. Captain Be'lana
Standing there chatting with Admiral Charles Star. Col.MayTa stops and looks out at the ship.
Mow Rochank and Lt.Keno walks up, She looks like a huge Intrepid class,Rochank speaks out.
Lt.Keno she still an Akira J class just slightly modified. Col.MayTa sighs and looks, that she is guys.
He turns and looks around, after nearly 2 years in Temporal combat. Its still strange to come home.
He walks around and stops at Lt. Razor . Lt. Razor looks at him, sir ohh this is my best friend Jace.
hes assigned to the USS Raidan. Col.MayTa smiles, Nice to meet you. Col.MayTa looks at Razor, just
wanted to say. Thanks for coming back as Security. Lt. Razor when I head you needed help. I had to
come sir. you gave me my first chance at command.Colonel MayTa pats him on that back. He makes is
away around to his Command staff who returned back those he picked. And he thanks them.

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Col.MayTa walks over to Admiral Card Wright, so what do think Sir. Admiral Wright looks at him. She
is a fne ship. I know if your father where here, he would be proud of you. Just then General Baggs
strolls up. The old ragged faced of a man, who has seen to much conflict stairs at MayTa. Col.MayTa looks
at the 4 star and smiles. General. Steve Wright is correct your dad would be very proud of you. Just as I'am.
Col.MayTa smiles thank you sir. General Baggs I wanted to tell you, I fought for you during your tribunle.
Even after it ended, What happen was wrong, I fought for you, not because your an Out Standing office,
but my Grand son and I love you. I only wish my daughter was here to see this and you. Col.MayTa not known for crying. Whipe a single tear away, I know moms looking down on me. He hugs his GrandFather.
And makes his rounds once again.

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Col.MayTa walks up to Captain Be'lana, XO? Captain Be'lana startled sir as she looks. She tells her friends
exscuse me. Sir what is it she asked.Col.MayTa pulls out her combadge and pins i on her. You dont have to
do any profiancy test, I can tell you have what it takes. Just them Mwo Rochank walks up. Col.MayTa sticks
out his right hand. And Rochanko places the ships Insigna in his hand. Col.MayTa pins it on her left side,of her chest. Stand proud Be'lana just learn from me and under stand. The dumbest question is the one not asked. He turns and walks to the punch bowl. about 2 hours passed and General Baggs announces for
everyone to take their seats. Col.MayTa takes his seat up by, the podeum. He sits there looking out at

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General Baggs looks around, thank you all for coming. This is a proudfull moment.We are here to recristin
a ship. That has become a shining start and a sign of streangth of power. Through out the Federations. Not
just here in our own time lone, but in other time lines as well. This ship is also known for the sign of Peace,
Safety and Protecting at any cost. Do not get me wrong this ship, can battle with the best of them out there.
But will all ways come out Victorious. Her primary duty is to not only t give aid but to exstend friend ship
peace. In sense This ship take to bolego where no other had gone before to a hold new meaning. I present to
you. The (NX) USS Sanctuary F he lift his left hand to the huge windows, the curtains pull away showing
the Scantuary. The Peuter Gray color of the hull with, the lights of the decks shining brightly. As the congergation looks on they see the detailed out line not justs of the, federations Symbol but the Ships
insignina combined into it.

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After an hours of others speaking about the ship and Col.MayTa its was his turn. He slowly gets up and
stands at the mic. He takes a deep breath. Some of you know me I'm not much for speaking like this. He
looks around, Just wanted to say thank you for coming. In my hart I know I have the support of all of you.
As we gather hear today, I can say this as long as, The Sanctuary is in service. The Federation is safe, as
long as I'am in command or someone els our citizens will be safe. I can go on about what we have done.
And our success. But I wont at this point I hear by Christing The USS Sanctuary F once again. A bottle of Champaine Shoots out at the hull and the connects and shatters, Everyone one stands and claps. Col.MayTa
walks off the platform and goes and looks out the window. With uncertainly and apprehention he takes a breath. He Former and New Command staff come to stand next to him. Col.MayTa goes to say something
but remains silent.

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