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Lets get her home

Posted on Sun Nov 15th, 2020 @ 3:16pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Location: Ready Room
Timeline: current

OCC sorry this tiook so long wanted to mak sure if was a good one
we are jumping ahead we are in rout to the Ambassadors home world I need
as many of you tog.. Terell need you and your characters hubby to get in on this one razor you to
as well as deb, we are now making our way but first we need to pass threww a hostal zone.


Ready Room:

Col.MayTa stading there looking out the window. Listen up people! I need you all t keep
the Ambassador on my back and off my brudge, Razor I need you and your teams, to set up
check points. Between the bridge and the lower decks. I dont can what you have to do. Just
dont let her up here, Terrell I need you and you hubsband to work your magic, Keep
her busy. O'Hair how long will it take to pass threw the Horiman zone at max warp?
Cwo O'Hair 16 days sir. Col.MayTa nodding ok, Katana ask your fathere how many ships
he has there now? we may need them to run cover.

He looks around, once we get her back home we are going to return back VIA Trans warp.
Lt, Razor looks over, sir why dont we just get her back at Trans Warp? Col.MayTa looks at him.
She dose not want us to us that wail shes aboard, Ok if no more questions lets rock people.
He walks up to Katana, Sorry about our honey moon, I'll make it up to you promise. He touches her
face and walks out.



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