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Being concerened

Posted on Mon May 23rd, 2022 @ 2:54pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Medical
Timeline: Current

:: ooc this is a cut and past.
From Major Ions::



Major Ions walks into
Doctor Sances office.
She is sitting there.
Looking at he computer.
Major Ions standing there.
He takes a slight breath.
Doctor you have a moment.

Doctor Sances looking up with
an odd look.

Doctor Sances sure,what's
up. You never come in here.
Unless you have an issue or,
Something is really wrong.

Major Ions walks in
and sits down.

Major Ions speaks.Gabby it's Steve I'm worried.
I think he may make a mistake..
Doctor Sances why you say that
Major Ions looks at her
funny and sighs.
Today he walk onto the bridge.
he was not acting like him self.

Doctor Sances sitting back
listing with a slight concern.
Look on her face

Doctor Sances what you
mean. I know he is a little worn out. But I'm sure he's fine
Major Ions give a funny look.
Worn out! He walked in
OUT of uniform. He was
Off duty Gabby.
I saw there something wrong
with him.

Doctor Sances nodding.

Is he still on the bridge She
asked. If so I can have him,
report to me for a physical.
Major Ions no he went back,
to his quarters to
Doctor Sances well if he is a,
sleep then I can't relive him.
From duty Jermy
I have to find something really
wrong with him.
Major Ions he's been asleep,
since 07:30 this morning.

Doctor Sances looks at the clock. It's now 1500 hrs.

Doctor Sances, computer
Is General Maya awake?
Computer, no General Maya
Is asleep.
Doctor Sances, computer
how long has the General
Maya has been
Asleep for eight hours
10 minutes and 30 seconds

Doctor Sances sits back
and thinks.

Dictor Sances looks at the
Major. I will get him in here and
check him over.
But he's getting sleep,it kinda
Ties my hands a bit.
Major Ions nods and stands
up. Take care of him please,
I never seen him like this.
Ever Gabby find something,
He gets up and walks out.



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