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The scope of things

Posted on Mon Oct 11th, 2021 @ 5:37pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Various places
Timeline: Current

:OCC:: Ok gong to splice things here going to jump around a bit.
next log will be from other sims


Out Post Vargas V Co's office

General MayTa looking at the Co and Xo, i'am appoled at tjis post. captain Suko.
I did not pick you or your Xo for this job.
Star Fleet did, you may have command post like this in the past.
So At this point, im am removing you Captain Suko, packin you gear and be ready to
;eave in 48 hours!

Captain Suko standing there, sir I can have this post ready in 2 months!
He gives a pleading look.

General MayTa gives a blank loo. Um Hell no! be ready have have your shit reeady.
To beam aboard the Delta Flyer.
Cmdr Your still the Xo I trust you will give a 100% to the new Co.

General MayTa walks out Kid report!

Captain Franks looks up, this place is a HUGE Cluster Fuck is! Only systems running are.
The Life suppport systems, environmelats conrtols.Replicators, Lights and medical!

Geenral MayTa nods, at this point in time, Kdd you have command here, the Cmdr is your Xo.
Do what you have to, You have 1 month Kid!

Captain franks, nods and smiles, Ill have a lisy to you with in the hours. Of what we need sir.
Commander get started on realocation personnel to defencive and offencive systems.

General MayTa mpds and heads back to the flyer.

{some where about 30 light years away}

A farmer tending his crops on a side of a large his, his 4 younger sons helping.
The day seamed like any normal day. The sun was out and a cool breez rolling across the
hil side.
As the worked away a hum is heard. The farmer stop and looked up. In this distance
a larger white void can be seen just out side of the toen.
Spirit like people and equipment can be seen rolling out and heading to the toen.
The farmers sons see it and run up.The youngest blurts out, Father we must go!
The Famer nods, but just then some large sphers land. Robotical like people come running out,
(The Borg)

A battle breaks out, Green beams are seen coming from the Borg. and white bright flashes are seen from the Blight.
Its seems the the Borg had manage. To force the Blight to retreat. The Borg rush back into the
sphers. The Borg leave in a hury.
The farmer looks at his sons and he drops his rake and runs to the tow.

_Bad Lands::

The patrol ship lUss Franklin running a normal patorl.
When subbenly a largs Void appearers. The Franklin goes in Battle mode.
The Galaxy class ship is over whelm in seconds, a freagment message is
sent Via and emergancu beacon. Just before the ship is over taken, and drugged into
the void. (Razor work your magic into the story)



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