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What a mess part 1

Posted on Tue Oct 5th, 2021 @ 1:51pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Out Post Vega 1
Timeline: Current

::OCC ok guyes need to post im starting pre contact with the Borg I need tentions slowly ramping up with Cardasians::


The Sanctuary slowlys approching the Out Post.


Cwo O'Hair slowly comes to a stops, sir we are at Vega 01 sir. Um guess we are in station keeping sir.
Major Ions glances up, why is that O"hair?
General MayTa looks at Ions, we should be able to dock at the plat form?
Mwo Rochankp Sir the plt form is only 58% complete. No life support, No weapons no shields!
General MayTa on viewer now!
Mwo Rochanko aye sir, tapos a few buttons the viewer comes up. A half completed orbital platform
shows up.
General MayTa makes a face, Tell Vega we are transporting down. He stands up goes to make his way,
to the Turbo lift when Rochanko stops him.
Mwo Rochanko sir you have to take a shuttle they are saying not safe to transport.
Major Ions blurts out why the hell not!!
Mwo Rochanko environment stabalizers are shetchy amd there are no transporter padds
that are operational.
General MayTa Ions on you have the bidge, Kid you are with me. Captain Freanks stands up.
we are talking the Delta Fly V I want 1st 2 Squads of my personnel platoon.
In class X temporal gear and ready and st the flyer in 15 minutes and ready to rock.
General MayTa steps into the Turbo lift along with Captain Franks.
Kid I hope they have a f ing good reason, lets go gear up.

Moments later on hell ( 8 minutes)
General MayTa gears up and stars putting on Temporal Armor. Look looks around
grabs his 10mm Force Phase side arem and holsters it. Looks at Franks you ready?
Captain Franks turns and the clicking of his side are is herd. Ready Sir.

They walk out and he=ads to the flight deck. as they are walking out the 2 squads are lined up
in front of the rear hatch.

General MayTa looks at Cwo Asher (Sky God) He nods, listen up Zombie and Wraith Squads
this is a level 20 depolyment. even tjho we are heading down to a Federations out post.
It is still no finish. Also there is a possible contact with the Borg and the Blight. If so we will
engage them.
He looks around and the walks up the ramp, Sky I want us out of here is 6 mic's!
Cwo Ashler dashes to the helm along with his crew. General MayTa turns and watched his men fill in.
he looks at Franks and motions to hed to the helm.

seconds later General MayTa is standsing in the back. Sgt Mac let them know we are coming
General MayTa speaks out.
Sgt. Mac message sent we are cleared to land on landing pad A sir.
General Asher get us down there.
Cwo Asher Ayr sit, starts pressing buttons and then grabs the joy stick and slams the throttle.
The Flyere zips out really fast.

Even tho the flight only takes 4 minutes General MayTa blood boils as he sees the huge F ing Mess
the call Out Post 1.

Cwo Asher we are on final apporch landing in 40 sec sir!
Genera' MayTa makes his way down to the rear hatch.
Ok Dispersoal pattern Delta 1.

The flyer lands the rear ramp drops as they land and the squads dash out taking up tactical positions.
General MayTa along with Captain Franks walks down the ramp. Lt. Rilly You know what to do, so
do it! Lt. Rilly starts barking out orders.Cwo Asher walks down the ramp and stands next to General MayTa.
General MayTa if we encounter the Blight get the fuck out of here dont wait! You have command here!

Captain Suko walking up with his Xo Cmdr Davis.
Captain suko General welcome and he goes to shake his hand,. You all ways come this hevaly guarded?
General MayTa at this poont in time yes, But let me ask you this.
WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE! This out post was to be fully operational 3 weeks ago.
Why is the orbital platform not finished?

Captain Suko sir if you dont mind please lets go inside, he turns and motions.
General MayTa stands there,, Captain I want answers and i WANT THEM NOW!
Captain Suko sir I had to realocated personnel to getting living quarters and other primary
buildings up first.
General MayTa walks into the hanger and make his was to Operations passing crates and
supplies. He thinks they better have defences and offencive systems operations.

Moments later hes standing at the huge window in Ops facing a vally.

General MayTa looking around and makes a face, why are the Phaser cannons no finish and the walls
and barricaided.
Captain Suko sir I thought if we make it less therating and more inviting. We would get a better
responce out here.
General MayTa spins around, you desided to change my set up for this out post, Kid check the tactical systes.
Captain Franks walks over and pushes the tactical officer out of the way,. He runs a level 30 systems
check. Few moments later. Captain Franks looks up, sir they have no Tactical systems they are
in the process of installing them'
General MayTa looks, do we have shields?
Captain Franks no sir.
General MayTa Kid you have things here, Captain Suko and Cmdr Davis in the office now we
need to talk.



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