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We got to be careful

Posted on Sat Sep 18th, 2021 @ 6:20pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Sanctuary
Timeline: Current

Ooc moving off a bit in the story line borg in the gama quadrant

Title are you sure

Author General MayTa

Time current


Time 1500 hours
General MayTa sitting in his ready room. Hes going over some pads .

On the bridge Major Ions and Captian Frank's are manning the bridge.
It seems like another normal day on the Sanctuary. Things running like clock work, nothing to mundane.

Lt.Lzareus being as he normally is,perks up.
What the hell? Lt.Lazerus check some reading.
He sits back no freaking way.
+taps+ Engineering to the bridge?

Major Ions looks at Frank's.
+com+ What is it Lt.


Lt.Lazerus moving between his console and Engineering sensors .
+taps+ sir don't know if you guys are reading this up there.
Im picking up minute transwarp distortions.


Major Ions looks over at Lt.Lisa. Whats going on?
Lt.Lisa checking.
Nothing sir all normal.
Major Ions +com+ are you sure Laz?


Lt.Lazerus looking +taps+ Positive sir, it's 987.50 matters ahead of us.
Running a level 30. Everything pointing to borg.
Its a huge signature.

Major Ions All Stop red alert,all hands battle stations! +com+ Laz get your ass up here. GENERAL MAYTA TO THE BRIDGE.


Lt.Lazerus staff sergeant Cody you have watch
Down here. He dashes off to the bridge.


General MayTa walks out, report now.
Major Ions Engineering reported a huge borg transwarp
Major Ions looks at Lt.Lisa well.
Lt.Lisa confirmed sir its so small but putting out
Some huge readings.

Lt.Lazerus steps out of the turbo lift breathing heavy ,as he take his station.
Computer transfer Engineering commands to the bridge .

General MayTa walks over,give it to me Laz?

Lt.Lazerus sir the grvatons wave where so small and thin. We did not pick up on them.Till we made a course adjustment.
General MayTa are you sure its borg?
Lt.Lazerus shows the General the sensor readings.

General MayTa cloak us now. Ready all weapons. I want total communication; silence.

General MayTa sit in the big chair. Now we wait. Rochanko anything twitches I want to know.
MWO Rochanko standing at tactical, aye sir.

3 hrs pass

General MayTa makes a face. We are to leave a class 30 tactical prob here. We have to get to Golandis V.
MWO Rochanko prob ready. Sir!

General MayTa launch the prob.
Resume course, take us to condition black.
He gets up and heads to his office.

As the Sanctuary pulls away a transwarp conduct opens a huge borg spher exit and enters another that open.



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