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Posted on Sun Jul 11th, 2021 @ 10:16pm by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Ds9 operations
Timeline: Current

Welcome all welcome many... to the contuines story of Robert todays story we see the newly promoted razor begain there collecting for the suspension and highly activity of the borg in the gamma quarderent... 7 of 9 and Robert contuine to collect and send out orders to those quandrents in order to keep every one informed of the location of the borg moving through those areas....

Now let us begin


CPt Robert Razor has been patching into all the historical files within the systems about the borge. well also downloading all the data he could. from simple duty logs to old video footages of all borg encounters. studying borg strategies and defensive maneuvers, offenses and defenses strategies were high in his priority list.. narrowing down only 10 possible highly effective ways to fight the borg. 

1)hand to hand combat,the borg can not adapt to strong physical hit. 

that or projectile weapons

2)projectile weapons,  an old 21st century weapon with physical ammunation. can do the trick. 

3) blowing them out to space. like most things the cold vacuums of space will immobilize them. 

4) putting them into sleep mode.

   data (enterprise files) hacked a less secure system and sent the borge into sleep mode. 

5) photon torpedoes- beaming a photon torpedo into the ship to blow it up. This also shows that another weakness, their shields have a weak point. (how to find it still unknown). 

6) transphasic torpedo changes the frequency of subspace compreation pules- and each torpedo has a trophic configuration . and the borge can only adapt to one part of it.

7) fire all weapon into one spot of the cube. .. how to know where it is mystery .. preferably the weakest spot in the shields.

8) release plasma coolant to destroy and kill the organic components of the borge. historical data used this on the queen.

9) infect them with a pathogen, to infect them with a virus. world of worlds it. 

10) species 847 is the only species that the borge failed to accumulate. species 847 are an aggressive species. a species that was immune to assimilation that used bio-ships to attack the borg. (more info is needed and not easily acceptable.) 

Upon further review Robert noted that the Borg have been running sweeps across the gamma quadrant. Razor believes that a signal was sent out during the last fight with parcard. a signal sent out but never traced. upon further research found out that a signal has been sent out to the Delta quadrant from earth. a signal sent out by Borg scouts frozen in the arctic in 2153. how they got there still unknow.

7 of 9 and Cpt Razor were standing around the operations table discussing the borge. and all of his new findings.

robert- so what we are seeing is a borg cubes in the gamma quadrants? 

7of 9- yes

robert- that impossible there should have been a scout ship or some kinda forward observation ship..

7- there was one... the one picard killed .. 

robert- but even before that i found files of at least 1 scout ship before that...

7- But with as many borg ships that have been defeated over the years. Why do you find it difficult to believe they know where DS9 is.

robert- well it the matter of how they are moving through the gamma quadrant it is not in a straight line. there sweeping for something maybe not us. but there not moving in a direct line. thats why i believe there something else going on…

Robert paused for a second and expanded for the full view of the map... i need all ships within the gamma quadrant to fall back to its borders i want

star ships to run in teams of two during operations. those ships close to a dock i want the ships weapons to be modified to be able to shoot at the borg. I need them to change and shoot different types of phazer fire. at high frequencies. I don't want the supporting ships to become casualties or worse assimilated..  I also want them to be able to change shield power frequencies. so they are not able to board our ships. .. 

7 of 9-  the probability of equipping all those ships is not possible. 

Robert- i understand the possibility but the sooner we send out the warning and request. the easier it will be to get those shipes informed and defended. 

jarvis- understood sending all federation ships priority 1 emails..

robert- also include a quickly order to report any and all strange signal or adominaly that is picked up. every ship is a sensor and if i can get informed about what's going on i can make sure everyone is constantly up to date on what's going on around both gamma and delta quadrants. 

7’s looks at the map. 

we need to begin priority messaging to all the planets within those quadrants..

robert- we can try but a lot of them have not made first contact or refused to work with the federation. there are also the species that are not running in the same frequencies. 

7s- then we must inform the delegates to begin a information campaign.

robert- great more pieces on the battlefield just what we need, easy bait for the borg to chew up and make their own. 

7s- well they will not be able to stand against the borg but we will have to make sure they will be faster than them.. that or give them strategies to be able to get away fro them..

robert-  humm like flying into a star.. if you find yourself getting chased by the borg immediately find the nearest star and  fly into it. of  course before the borg has time to put a tractor beam on you. 

7- Are you always this sarcastic..

robert- oh me you should meet mayta on a good day. Now as for borge we can not do much for the everyone else that does not request our assistance traveling through the quadrant. what we can do is keep our ships in the general area in the highest traveled routes in order to protect as many of them as possible.

7s- I see a fatal flaw in that strategy. Are you not worried that the fleet will be spread thin...

robert- of course i am but we are fighting a enemy that we can not fight against in any way. so our only option is to make sure we can run.. gorilla tactics.. hit and run's drive bys. hit them from multiple angles. so we can save as many lives to get away to fight another day. I can already see many ships being lost but if they are consistently looking for any abnormalities then we can move the pieces closer to support. 

7s-  have we created avoidance routes in order to escape the borge so we are not leading them straight to any colonies or even better DS9. 

robert- well we are now... nice job 7s

7s looks at Robert in confusion..

robert- ok now that you mention it. Let us begin... 

7s- and how will we accomplish this robert?

robert- well lets jarvis please bring up all known flight routes within the gamma and delta quadrant. 

jarvis- processing

robert- it doesn't have to be pretty, just a good estimate. 

Jarvis began showing the trade and movement  routes on the map in red lines. 

robert- ok lets filter out all of the routes that fly by and connect planets together..

Jarvis ended up cleaning up the entire map..

robert-- well that was no help

7s- may i

robert- by all means

7s computer- please show trade routes again..

Jarvis began showing up the route once more. 

7s- now please filter out the distance of maximum sensor range around the planets. 

jarvis began to eliminate the red lines around all known habitable planets. and the only thing that remained were the red lines that were close to any planets

robert- ok well this is progress

7s- from here we can begin creating routes that avoid planets.

robert- is flying into the sun still an option?

7s- are trying to kill everyone?

robert- you think I am joking but what I am suggesting is to fly by as close to a star as possible in order for them to drain their shields. do that and they might have a chance to beam a torpedo on board...

7s- that or kill everyone on board due to the heat and radiation. 

robert- well i see a win win...

7s- not funny

robert- ok so we can say that is a last resort. 

7s- computer please save this file, create a new one with the same routes and from these please create a 3 jump strategy of escape. 

robert- and make one more in blue that goes straight into the biggest suns. 

7s looked at robert. Robert shrugged and continued off. 

robert- well i think this is good for now this should be enough to keep all those captains for me i will retire for tonight. now let's meet up tomorrow around the same time. 

Robert ended up making a round to the amory to see what they had in stock. or better yet so he could see what they had in order to defend themself against the borge... it didn't look good. Robert ended up finding a couple armory LT sitting around and he ordered them to begin adjusting all phasers to be able to change frequency in order to defend against the borge.

Robert was worried, but he would need to visit someone that could get some weapons that could defend against the Borg. Because the standards issues they have now would be difficult to defend themselves. he would have to see a ferengi .. named quark.. 


Ok here my post we are collecting maytia... and who ever else may read but we shall see lets get these weapon upgrades baby!


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