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meeting with 7

Posted on Wed Jun 23rd, 2021 @ 2:18am by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Ds9
Timeline: Current

Here a quickie for yalls

Blah blah... rober razor

Maytia can I has a promotion or permission to view all star fleet borge information ...I need Top secret clearance .. unless you want to lose against the borg

Story now

robert was in operaation bay waiting for the new crew member named 7 to show up. robert was lookin over all the information that star fleet had on the borge. robert kept hitting snags thoe becouse of his rank. even thoe robert knew how he could get aroud those blocks. he didnt want to bother. robert waitied until 7 got there and introduce herself.

robert- hello
7- are you Lt Robert
Robert - yes i am and i am guessing you are borge expert?
7- yes
Robert- ok so i gather some info about the borge but my rank is keeping me from accesing all the information that star fleet has on the borge. but what i understand about the borge. now correct me if i am wrong is that they operate as a hive mind. a constant communcation of thought with no induvial thought. pecard assised in the defeate of one of the first borge attack on earth. so there is a weakness there queen.
7-- well not neccerly,
robert- oh so he didnt defeat them
7- not nessarcly. peacds crew was able to find a way to put them to sleep right before overloading there ships_______ and blowing themself up.

robert- ok so thats way more information then star fleet is telling in the public reports. damit maytia i need higher secuirty clearence to do this job correctly!..

7- well luckly you have me to assist you in your research.

robert- well for now i do belive we need to know what are the borge doing in the gamma quarderent. my guess is searching for somthing..

7 - there was somthing in the report about a singal that was blasted into space when pecards destroyed the last cube.

robert- what the hell i demand to see the report!.. i need to know everything if i am having to defreat a enemy like the borge..

7- well i am sorry with your clearence and rank i will not be able to show you the reports.

robert- damit maytia...

robert got up and left to go see mayta i a fit of anger.

Robert -I'll change that right now!...


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