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Now it Starts

Posted on Wed Jun 2nd, 2021 @ 3:01am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: War Room
Timeline: curent

OCC Sorry its late but here it is

War Room 1500 hrs
General MayTa standing at the board looking over the reports. The door opens and a slim yet
familar face. General MayTa looks at him from the corner of his left eye. John
what dring you to DS9? John Chambers walks up, he looks at the board. Shit is really hitting the fan
Silveras, Or should I say Steve.
General MayTa nods is she her and is Franklin here as well. John nods, Cindy
Franky is down at Quarks plaing Dabo..
Scops its no good Geenral MayTa tells him in a low voice. General MayTa walks over and sits down.
John walks over and takes a seat. Oh Congrats on yo your twins. I know im sorry for missing the wedding.
Geenral MayTa nods, its ok, he lhands him a black padd/ John picks it up and reads it.
John sitting there stunded.

John looks up you got to be kidding my, the Blight is jumping i nto other time lines. General MayTa
nods. He takes a breath its worse than that, Time line 001 is also being affected. I been in contact with the USS victory. At this point the Enterpries has not gotten involved.
But for the others they are fighting as we speak, im hoping that . The other time lines can figure our how to stop them.
John looka up, why cant you ttake your ship and help out. General MayTa Temporal Prime Directive,
is preventing me from doing so.
General MayTa take a sip of water and sits back. John nods, so what do you need us for. Gwenral
MayTa, looks at him, Its time to activate your Ghost and take your jump ships and stop them,He gets up and alks to rhe window. DO what you have yo get in and get out, oh General Tirak is among the taken.

John make a face so he did not die as we all thought? General MayTa no, I have sent my ghost back to the time of Destiny to let the speak know whats going on. No word yet but untill then Im sending you guys in.
John looks at him, why cant you go Sil? General MayTa im needed here, the Crdasians are posturing and the bligjt is not here in this time line, Mostly in the Gamma quadrent so im needed here.
John get up and walks out ill get the wolves ready and the jump ships warmed up. He turns and walks out.

40 minutes later

General MayTa starts to head out to see his Wife and twin daughters, when a blond femaiil walks in. He
looks up may I help you. She walks in and smiles, I and Seven. I was send her by the science team on Veagas V.
General MayTa the long range out post. Seven yes sir, She hands him a padd. General MayTa takes it.
he looks at it the Borg? Admerail Janway destroyed them all. and ae you kidding the Jem-Hadar? Ok now this is getting out of hand.
Seven walks to the table, I though we had detsoryed the Borg but apparently there was another queen.
in my report. Captain Picard did state the first queen side there where 3 of them. Apparenty
we found the 3rd quee. The collective is 45 light years away from the out post.
General MayTa have they detected you yet. Seven shakes her head no. Not yet sir, but the Jem-Hadar
as about 600 ships and are allied with the Kameri.
General MayTa how did you comferm this?
A Ferangie transport running supplies to Galos 3 a month ago.

Geenral MayTa is the source of the info to be trusted. Seven yes he can, he use to be the bar owner
here on the station. General MayTa looks let me guess, Quark? Seven nods yes sir.
General MayTa ok then if itds from Quark than its real. Thank you seven, You can return back to you r post.
Seven sir i have been given a post here by Admerial Chase. General MayTa looks at here, really where are your orders.
Seven hads him her padd, it dose not go in effect for 4 days, but I'am you new science officer and liasion
to the out post. My job here is to help asses the Borg threat and if I can stop them.
General MayTa looks it over, next time be inuniform Lt, you will be working with 1st Lt Razor he is the Gamma Fleet liassion. Report to
him at 0700. He looks at her once again and walks out.


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