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first day at DS9

Posted on Mon May 24th, 2021 @ 6:02am by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: DS9
Timeline: current

Hello everyone let me not waste any more of your time. let us begin...


Welcome ladies and gents ...young, happy and old and cranky .. (Maytya) .. to another story of the greatest adventure of the beloved Robert Razor!Razor!... Razor!....... (cue clapping and cheering in the background) yes..yes..thank you ..thank you.. queue bowing

as we last left our hero he was recovering from his new cybernetic inserts. Robert during his recovery he did his best to go over his future mission. Well also going over DS9 full system diagnostic. .. let’s continue also I've left a lot ..lot of facts about the DS9 i do hope you enjoy


Robert sat in front of his desk looking off as he went over DS9 information
Robert: Jarvis please send me DS9 information.
DS9 space station size is
10,451meters 1 mile wide,
969 meters high,

total housed population
7,000 people
Robert: side note- can expand more for more people.

the total crew for operation
300-2,000 crew- for operation.

main habitat ring fits
452 quarters larger quarters
231 smaller quarters
across 5 levels

Robert: side note- outer rings are where they procced the ore but there are not in use today. left abounded. -Can be used for storage and future use for planting or future space vegetation planting.

Jarvis: DS9 defense’s
48 rotating phasers
36 stationary phasers
3 sliding phaser emitters
48 photon torpedoes launchers

5000 photon torpedoes

primary shield generators
3 shield generator under ops

secondary shield generators (outer rings)
on top of the tier for the ships dock on the space station
pylons ship dock

shield window transponder to enter well shields were up

fusion reactor to power the station glows red

RCS thrusters
reactor control thrusters not designed to move station and shield were used to move it to the front of the warm whole helps to keep a stable orbit

ds9 does not do faster the Speed of light

Kardashians like things in 3
design things in 3s
3 docking pillions
3 rings in ships design

18docking ports
167 size dock on pillions
outside ring small port

baggiest ships docked on top of tiers of the

airlocks doors are in 3 phases

star fleet upgrades-
adapters interphases for Starfleet equipment
adjusted for environment temperatures

axillary vehicles:

Daniel class vic-

runabouts- multi-role starships, are like Winnebago’s
sizably crew quarters beds and lots of room

Robert sat there taking note of all the information about DS9 that went across his vie screen as Jarvis went through talk through all of it. pointing out important information.
Robert: ok Jarvis I am good … let's get to operations and see if we have everything prepared to get the mission going.
Robert stood up from his desk turned to step around the desk as he walks by he hit his foot on a box, Hurting his foot.
Robert- I really got get this place cleaned up
Robert hoped out the room. Well holding his leg. Rub his leg and looked around the messy room.
Robert- ok I am going to need some help …
Robert walks out of the room dodging all the boxes that crowded the room. Robert walked out of his quarters into the living district of DS9, choosing the furthermost living quarters he could get away from everyone as much as possible. As he made his way to the operations he would have to pass through the district------ shopping district. Giving Robert a chance to see what kinda things were going on through DS9.
Robert likes to walk by the stores seeing all the new aliens that like to set up their makeshift tent to sell their unknown goods
Robert continued to view all the goods as he walked through the market of all the stores. Interested in goods Robert took note of all the goods that were being sold. One vendor caught Robert's eyed a vendor that was selling used and broken droids. Old version that looked like there were ready for the junk pile. Robert was wondering why he never really seen too many droids on ships. Robert even though he would like one for himself. A project as he walked past the vendor.

Robert reached operations walked to the mission operation table and brought up the mission details for his mission.
Robert- computer please bring up mission details
Computer- Robert razor you will
1) you will be Liasion to Both Delta and Gamma Fleets Standard.
2) You will handle any and all requests,
reports Ect.
3) Update Commander matya with updates and notes and
reports of importance.
Robert- please bring up the status of both Delta and Gamma Quadrant?

Delta Quadrant
Most of the information about the Delta Quadrant and its inhabitants comes from the series Star Trek: Voyager. This quadrant is largely unexplored by the United Federation of Planets, apart from the voyages of the USS Voyager, the USS Equinox, the USS Raven, briefly the USS Enterprise-D, and the Federation citizens assimilated into or de-assimilated from the Borg. The Delta Quadrant is home to the Borg Collective,[10] the Kazon, the Vidiians, the Talaxians, the Ocampa, the Hirogen, and the Malon.

Robert- wait did you just say home to the Borg Collective!..
Computer- yes.. would like to know more?
Robert- no please continue
Gamma Quadrant
The Dominion, which is the antagonist in the Deep Space Nine series, controls a large portion of the Gamma Quadrant. The Alpha Quadrant comes in contact with the Dominion through the Bajoran wormhole, which is the setting and primary source of conflict in the series.

Robert- ok thank you for the update. Computer please do an all call to all federation ship within the delta and gamma Quadrant.
Robert- all ships within the Delta and gamma Quadrant this is 1st Lieutenant Robert Razer working out of DS9. for now on I will be the new Liaison for these sections attached to this notification will be my contact information. I will be working hard to keep up to date on everything and anything going on through these sections. Captains, please reply with contact information so I can begin sending out daily updates. Again it is an honor to be working with all of you and I can not wait to meet you. Thank you and out
Computer- a mass broadcast has been sent.
Robert- thank you… please send all responses to my work email. I will handle them there .. Jarvis please make sure the folders are organized for daily updates coming in and going out. check-in from all starships working within those sections. and alien messages coming in.
Jarvis- yes Robert
Robert spent the rest of the day tracking all ships and alien races within those sections. finally making an update report for Lieutenant General Steven MayTa.
By the end of the shift, Robert began to walk back to his quarters. Along the way, he passed by daily vendors that come into Ds9 to sell their goods. Again, he passed by to a droid vendor that was selling junky parts.
Jarvis- I am scanning the junk pile and can see a protentional droid that can be used for your quarters.
Robert- now how did you know I was thinking about that.
Jarvis- it was logical the reason you would continue to pass by this vendor.
Robert- well you are correct. Plus, it will give me a hobby to work on. Ok then please point out and highlight all protentional droids.
Soon after Robert was walking into his quarters with two types of droids one humanoid and a Astro droid.
Robert- well like this place needed to look more like a junkyard lets add some droid parts…. Oh god…
Robert moved to a messy room that he was planning to use as a workstation.
Robert- Ok let’s get these rooms clean and these droids at least in their proper piles. ….Jarvis please play some music... loud


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