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I neeed a break

Posted on Fri Apr 30th, 2021 @ 3:17am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa
Edited on on Wed May 5th, 2021 @ 6:32am

Mission: The Blight Part 1

Ossy this late

General MayTas Quarters Sanctuary

MayTa waking up from his long nap. He gets out of bed and walks into
the living room area. There Fudggy is playing with his squeaky toy.
MayTa looks around. Computer View screen on and play NFLs Super Bowl 2021.
He walks to the replicator and grabs a hoggie Steak and cheese.
Fudggy stops and runs over and starts to beg. MayTa looks down, he smiles
and gives his baby boy a pice of steak. and sits dwn to watch the game.
As he was getting into the game he gets a funny feeeling.

DS9 Infermary
Captain Katana walks in feeling funny,
Doctor Gabby Sancese.
So Captain whats going on she asked.
Captain Katana standing there with a look n her face The babys seem to
be acting up. 'Doctor Sancese Looks at her, well get on that bio bed and we take a look.

"Yes please cause it hurts. Something is wrong and I should not be in pain. 'Ooohhhhhh.....' groaning as a wave of pain hits her.

Dr. Sancese looks at her biobed monitors and sees the problem....."I am sorry to say, but you are in labor!" she says to Katana.

"WHAT?", Katana said, looking up at the doctor. "Its to damn......ARGH!!!!!!!!! That hurts damn it!", she bellowed.

"Katana you have to relax or your going to hurt yourself and the girls. Please!!!", Sancese pleaded.

"For the love of Kahless get my babies born quickly!!" Katana screamed as the pain hit her again.

Sancese quickly prepared to help the twins be born as Katana's contractions were closer together sifnaling tge imminent birth of baby girl number one.

Suddenly Katana howled.........out popped her first daughter.

"Beautiful baby girl you are. All your toes and fingers are here. Perfect in every way", Sancese said showing Katana her new baby girl.

Breathing heavily, "Kap'la my little one", Katana said. As if on quw, another contraction hit her. "Oh my god....", she howled and out came her other daughter. Finally the twins were born. Each perfect and beautiful and crying their little lungs out.

Sancese turned to look at Katana, "Kat......" she said, then realized Katana was unconscious and bleeding heavily. "Oh god.......nooooo", she said as she began to work furiously on Katana. Fighting time and blood loss, Sancese finally got the blood loss under control and transfused blood back into her as her vitals began to improve. 'That was too close Sancese', she thought to herself. Now she had to report to Mayta that the twins were born and his wife was going to be ok.

Lt. Kathy standing at systems command. she looks over at Commmunications.
Corperal Jake looks it over Lt. Sir incomming communication for the GEneral/
Lt. Kathay sighs, he dose not want to be bugged. Whos it from.
Cpl. Jake looks againn, its from Captain Jones of the 8th fleet. He Said it a priority
Lt. Kathy looks down., +com+ OPs to General MayTa there is a priority one. From the
8th Fleet Co.

MayTas Quarters

MayTa now into the game, stops and hangs his head, +taps+ Put it threw Ops.
Computer pause the vidweo. The game stops. and he gets up and goes to his computer.
Captain hwat is the problem?
Captain Jones. Sir sorry to bother you,but we have not heard from Lt. Razor as of yet.
The maine reason im contacting you. is. THat the situation with thw Blight as everyones calling it.
Its kind of getting out of hand,

He looks st him, what do you mean gettting out of han? Whats did we lose I need details Captain!

Captain Jones

Sir the USS Kriton and the KSS Katang just returns. Both Captains reported ,that ghost
like ships are comingHe looks down and a padd. They said there where 3 ghost ship but managed to take out 1 and slowed down the other two.They exhusted all torpedoes ad burnt out all Phasers and Disruptors.

Takes a breath,send me all info now and get thise shis back into action. Is the space dock and the out post ok?

Captain Jones
Ths space dock is good the out post will have thier upgrades donw in a weeks,

Good get to it Captain. He turns off the computer he sits back and thinks. I got to have a full day off. Im going to burn out with all this. He sends a message to Razor for a full report. He sits back and tries to relax.



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