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Trouble with Cardassians

Posted on Wed Mar 24th, 2021 @ 2:33am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: Operations (Ops)
Timeline: curren

OCC:: Sorry this is late razor pay attention

Trouble with Cardassins???


General MayTa sitting in his office looking over some padds. Duty roster and shift changes.
He sits back and looks at his desk. The door chimes and he looks up its Captain Katana
standing out side, He takes a breath Com in dear. Captain Katana walks in, Dear um we have
a situation going on. General MayTa looks at her,um security or labor? Captain Katana looks
at him. Its the Cardassians long range communications from, the Night Shade . Rports
5 Cardassian and 7 Teralian Ships heading to the boarder of Bajoran space.

General MayTa stands up, he looks at her and walks out. Captain Katana follows. Gernal MayTa
looks around. Where is Razor Chief?? Chife Warrent Officer O'Hair. CWO O'hair looks up ftom
Tactical. Sir, Lt. Razor is heading out, on the Runabout Kita. Gernal MayTa shakes his head.
Hes on the way to check on the Gamma Fleet. Captain Katana, May> why do you need Razor,
hes swamped as it is. General MayTa turns,Hes the only one I would trust to fly a Scout mission.
He looks down. Tell Razor if he find out anymore Ifon on the Encutions of those. He snapping his
finger. What did Star Fleet call the, O the Blight Matter of fact Tell him I want a full investigation on
the Blight.

General MayTa turns and starts to head back into his office, Captain Katana looking up from.
Communications, Sir we have a Message from Gul Kator? General MayTa stops. What the hell
dose he wants. On screen Captain! Captain Katana nods and activated the screen.

Gul Kator sitting there smiling. Ah Is see they made you a General Steve? he grins even more.
General MayTa eyes him, yes the did! But what do you want Juno? Its not to chit chat and to catch up?
Gu Kator come now General just wanted to let you know, Not worry about our ships. On the Barder
of Bajoran Space.
General MayTa let guess running boarder patrols or maybe a training mission. He gives a upset look.
Gul Kator come now Steve? Its just a ruein Training exser size. We wont be there, for no more that 24 hours/
General MayTa ah so you can scan DS9 and Bajoran Space for Intel gathering.
Gul Kator No NO Steve not at all, you can have ships watch up. I would never do that?
General MayTa how do I know that, You and your Fellow Officer,left Cadassia and Renownced
the Cardassia, You all so broke away from the Feaderation and Cardassian Alliance.
So that make you an Enemy!
Gul Kator shakes his head,no I still consider you a freind. I do not want to fight you. We been Friends
way to long. I dont to throw that freinds ship away.
General MayTa nod his head, If so rejoin the Alliance. WE could use you ship in out task force.
Gul Kator looks at General MayTa with a slight smug look. I can our new friends May Hate the Federation.
But In my hart I dont. We just want Cardassias Government to allow our, Military to help govern things.
General MayTa just make sure your ship dont do anything stupid. Or illl be coming at you with the
General MayTa turns and motion to cut off the screen. I want ships out ther now. Make sure the Uss Night Shade is there. CWo O'Hair sends out the message yoall ships. He looks up. Sir Sub Space array.
is reporting temporal fluze near Kapias Primer anf Falus V abd VI.
Geenrel MayTa thinks, Razr is going to have do some fancy flying, I just hope these new Tactical Runabouts
have enogh fire power. To Fight them off.
Gernel MayTa loos at O'Hair how long will it take at Max warp fot Razor to reach Kapias Prime.
Cwo O'hair 6.5 hours at warp 9.6/
Generel MayTa notify Lr Razor Change of plans and let him know whats going and have him head to
Ka[ias Prime.
Cwo O'hair sends the message, done sir.
General MayTa looks at Katana you have ops, I want reports every 30 minutes on the Cardassians
and their new friends.
Captain Katana nods aye sir. she mands he post at Operations.
Generel MayTa walks into his office and sits down. He thinks what the hell are we going to do. now
fighting on 2 fronts. I dont even have a full fleet. to defend Bajor or DS9.



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