A day of remembrance

Posted on Mon May 30th, 2022 @ 6:48pm by Captain Robert Razer

razor has been getting out late lately. especially with what everything is going on. and today was one of those days. that he needed to get a drink at Quark's Bar. as he entered the bar the many new faces running around enjoying themselves. razor walks up to the bar between a set of two blue aliens.

Quark's- what are you having a Mr. Razor

Razor- give me a strong drink.

Quark's- oh having a bad day..?

Razor- it's something o alright. .. ill be in my usual spot Quark's..

Quark's- of course, ill take it to you as soon as I can.

razor- thank you

razor walk up the stairs to the second level away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd. there was a table he like to drink alone at the was away from every one eyesight there he could listen in to everyone else downstairs without being seen. he could enjoy his drink and his solitude.

razor was in his head.. most of the day.. today was a special day a day of remembrance...a day to remember those who have fallen... brother ...sister ..friends that never came back... and razor has lost to many to remember..

Quark suddenly appeared holding a bottle with a blue liquid in it

Quark- here you go Mr. Razor.. and I brought you another cup

Quark quickly poured the 2 glasses set one of in front of him and the other at the end of the table.. lie he knew ecaxtly why razor was there... and Robert didn't mind that... Quark left the bottle there. turned slowly and walked away...

Quark- ill leave that there and whenever your ready just let me know

razor picked up the glass and with a small silent toast in the air... he drank it down in one gulp....