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stepping back into it

Posted on Mon May 16th, 2022 @ 6:01pm by Captain Robert Razer

Robert steps off the ship onto DS9...

Robert- What the hell have you done to this place!..MayTa!??? i leave for a short while and this place is a mess!!

MayTa- report to operation ASAP!

Robert- Roger that!

Robert quickly went to his old quarters that were left untouched since he was the last station there... it was dusty.. Robert quickly went to his workshop where he uncovered the two droids that have been sitting there since his departure. quickly they sprang to life and with several rejouices beeps one of them sprang to life as he recognized Robert. and the other one a humanoid droid looked at Robert and a soft voice.. sir you are back..

Robert- yes now go ahead and recharge and update your selves up on the situation here it seems a lot has happened since I've been gone. we got a lot of work to do...

Robert changed and quickly went up to operations. as the elevator raised into operation chaos was going on... people were running back and forth and yelling at each other... it seemed crowded.. there were a lot more people there than he remembered. robert stepped into operation and took a long deep breath. and muttered this under his breath.

Robert- alright am back!...


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