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The Dream

Posted on Thu Jan 13th, 2022 @ 11:14pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

OCC: Picking up here We need to jump in and get some logs i


(General MayTa laying on the couch with Fudgy on his chest.)


MayTa laying there siairing up at the celling, He sighs and blinks.
I need to get some sleep. Been up for 2 days. He mutters to himself.
Fudgy scoots up and icks his chin.

Fudgy I hope we go home soon, I miss you mother and Sisters.
He softly tells fudgy. He closes his eyes. Minutes pass as he listens to
the every so lightly breathing of Fudgy. He slowly drifts off to sleep.
His dream starts off being on DS9.


General MayTa walking onto OPs. Things are normal, Captain Razor
Standing at Operations with Lazerus. They are going over the daily maintance scheduals.
He sees Majr Katana his wife talking to some Klingon ships about docking.
We alks into his office and sits down. He starts going over some communications.
time pases as he sleeps. (4 hours)
Suddenly things start to flow from calm to normal change to WTF. The stand off with the Cardassians
and thier new friends Attack.
He dreams of the battle, its a fire fight from hell. He sees A borg Cube comming out of a
\trans warp conduet. With no warning the join the Cardassians. Nearly all ships. Were destroyed.
The Defense platforms blown to hell.
SOS and Calls for renforcements, flood in. He walks back out to Ops, Major Katans ordering Klingon
ships to hep/ Captain razor and Mcdr 7 of 9 rushing to make sure the Borg defenses are ready.

Its seems or looks like 25 minutes passed. Just as the Crew gets a grip one things. rips rip into
zone 002 Port side of DS9. Its the Blight. The start to flood in. fire fights are going on all over the station.
Its seems like hours, when a Borg Cube makes it was to DS9. Stations systems start to fail..
Marines are being killed or taen. He orders his Wife Katana and thier kids along with Ashly.
Katana grabs fudgy and rushed off to get the kids.

He sees here fighting to thier quarters only to find out the Babies have been take by the Blight.
Ashley is slowly being turned into a Borg. Katana holds Fudgy tight and crying as sshe makes her way to
the Delta Flyers. General MayTa can hear her. Sadly yelling for him to come.
He just looks at Captain razor, GO Get them and everyone you can get. The Hell out of here.

What seems like forever He hears Captain razor and Lt. Asher requestong to leave. General MayTa
looks at Lt. Lazerus and nods to open the dock foors. MWO Rochanko dong what he can to protect the Flyers
untill they get clear. He watches as the Flyers fight t get cear. Its seems like and tim in hell.
Just as he thinks They Make it. Both Flyers are Destroyed by the Cardassians. WHo just arrived.

General MayTa walks over to Tactical. Computer Activated Self MayTa 01 distruct Alfa Omega 1Alfas2
Lt. Lazerus gives his acces and confierms Sekf Distruct . MWO ROchanko looks at them both
and gives his access and confierms as well.
The computer request time limit, Geenral MayTa looks down 60 secont silent count down.
The Komometer starts ticking away. General MayTa looks at them both and then walks to the windowo
and looks out. The Borg and Cardassians manage to get into ops.
General MayTa looking down speaks loudly. You lost all of you.Gul Dukan How so General.
Just then the station exsplodes Taking out ships with in 1,300 metters. Then he sees the Blight takes over everyone and a being is seen a massive demon figure standing in a ghsot like void,

General MayTa wakes up and holds fudgy and sits up. Good Damn Oryx I sware I will end you..



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