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The night

Posted on Mon Aug 30th, 2021 @ 8:56pm by Captain Robert Razer

Robert sat in his cleaned out room… breathing hard .. he just had a nightmare .. sweating … a service droid walks in with a glass of water. Robert grabs it and thanks the droid… the nightmares have been getting worse. the nightmares about the borg. great timing to get implants ..Robert thought to himself. make it so much easier to get hacked by the borge… am like a cupcake in a fat boys party.. Robert consistently monitored his systems. to make sure there was no anomaly.  He constantly checked to see if he was being hack monitored or pings from any outside source.. he was afraid deeply but he did his best not to show it in front of everyone. which didn't help. He could feel all the stares from every one in DS9. he was half cybornetics which people mistrusted already but the impending doom of the Borg only made things worse..  Robert was not gonna be able to sleep. so he went to the training room to work out some of this energy. ever since the implants he was able to recall and learn a lot of things for self defence. but it was all useless if he didn't put them to good use and trained his body to keep up with it.  and Robert trained his body hard if he was not on duty. He was training his body to be able to work at top physical ability. and when he was not physically training he was working on his multiple electrical projects lying about his little workshop in his quarters. luckily he was able to do two very important projects that have been saving him but within his quarters two service droids that have been a great help to him.  one a human like robotic droid that helps clean around his quarters and monitors his health and make sure his is eating and set things up for him to keep up his health, which robert tends to forget consistently. and the other droid is a smaller droid to help Robert with his many projects. this one with a delightful and energetic personality. those two keep robert in check when it came to things at home and things robert could not manage well he was at work. then there is two operational systems that are the heart and soul of robert. one manages his vituals  and internal cyberniects system that connects his human self to. this is a closed system that robert has place many work arounds to access and the other is jarvis a assistant that has been with Robert since childhood. a program that Robert has had since birth a companion that has helped grow Robert and help him through life as an assistant. something given to him by his elders. as a right in passing on knowledge to their offspring. something that is given to all offspring for their life journey. 

and here Robert sits. wonderin why he was having those nightmares.. is it something coming or is he truly that afraid.. Robert was scared. and he didn't know what to do. but prepare .. make sure all defensive systems are ready. all weapons were ready.. and all security defensive system were ready. he needed to put trust in those people… robert out 



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