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Cry For Help

Posted on Tue Mar 31st, 2020 @ 5:49pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa
Edited on Tue Apr 21st, 2020 @ 8:52pm

Guys lets rock this, I'am back home in UCIP where it all began, I want to rise to the top as the
best story lines and PBM in UCIP.

The next mission is called A Cry for help. Its a rescue mission.
We will get orders from Star Fleet Command asking us to aid in help rescuing a colony. Fromive threating
distruction. We will make our way to Colandis V where we will make contact. We will find out that the
planet is undergoing changes. And the colonist are getting sick from the changes. Star Fleet dose not
want us to move them. Due to the Colony is and dose show federation foot hold. We are the only ship
ready and close enough to handle this. Other ships are in rout but. wont be there in weeks, by then
it maybe to late. Here is the break down of the colony.

3,560 Civilans
1,600 sick
400 dead and Rising

Known factors environmental changes
planet class type M
Temp Was 96* F Now 110*F
Winds Was normal gust light Now 40 to 50 Mph Gust
Visabilaty very hazy
Sun index 12 Very high
Steam Vents have open along with fisures. Steam is constant at a temp of 100^ F
Vegitation Dying
Inhabitants Animals and Humans alike Sick

Unknown factors.
Virus Infection Unknown
Bactiral Infection Unknown
Contact Pathogin UnKnown
Air Born Pathogin Unknown

Bio Hazard level High to exstream
Bio-Armor/Ev suits included into Medical protocal.

Time to complets mission Unknown

Primary Directive save Colony at all cost..Use and obtaion what resourses need.
Secdonary Direcive If unable to save the Colony, evacuate all surviving Civilians and
nutralizes the Colony sits and head to medical back 34 ins sector 001.

any questions email me.


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