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Days to come Part 1 contiuned

Posted on Fri Mar 13th, 2020 @ 2:08am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: Welcome back
Location: Various places
Timeline: Current

MayTa Standing in the middle of his ready room thinking over things. He slowly walks over to his desk.
He looks down and sees a few padds. He turns and looks around. Man I cant wrap my head around
that I'm losing my crew. He sit and leans back in his chair. everyone said its not me fault. I did what was
wright. Even tho the Councle said I was to be, held a countable for the actions I took. MayTa sits there looking
out the window, when Lt Lazerus walks in, sir he blurts out. MayTa looks at him, yes CEO? MayTa asked him?

Lt Lazerus walks up, I head you where here today. If you want to talk boss i'am here. Just so you know
I turned down the position at the academy today. MayTa makes a face why did you that he states. Lt. Lazerus
well me and O'Hair and Lt Asher desided to stay. We talk and agreed you needed us, to hang around for
support. In fact 1/2 of the crew are staying sir. MayTa smiles so what can you tell me about our new Xo.

Lt Lazerus sits down, The Captain seems cool, a bit to stern and a hard ass. But you can mold her sir.
MayTa you think she can hack being XO? Lt Lazerus nods, yes she has a good chance sir. MayTa there is
a lot more to being an XO aboard this ship being Diplomatic is one thing , but commanding is another.
I have glanced at her service record, she seems like a good pick. Lt lazerus laughs you can all ways
blow her out an air lock sir. MayTa I know I will be speaking to her,Tomorrow when im on duty. SO hows
Engineering and the ships systems. Lt Lazerus shakes his head, we took a beating sir. We will be ready in
three weeks sir.

MayTa nods, good Laz. And thanks for staying. Lt Lazerus stand, you welcome boss, no matter who we
get to replace the crew. You will mold them into shape sir. MayTa smiles, get out of here you Duesh bag!
Lt Lazerus smiles Aye Aye sir and turns and walks out. MayTa turns and looks back out the window. To hell and back and the depths of the unknown, I plunge my self and crew to the limits once again. MayTa
turns and looks over the report on the first padd on his desk.



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