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New security on the block

Posted on Fri Mar 6th, 2020 @ 1:10am by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: Welcome back
Location: USS-Sanctuary

It was one of those days where the newbe officer would check out the ship and her surroundings as a Security officer.
Be'Lana tapped her comm badge Ltcmdr Razor im your new Security officer Lt Be'Lana Sok'mat where you at sir..

Robert was constantly getting experimented on, poked, proud scanned. his brain was consistently getting scanned and checked. His life was full of suffering for this. his mind was a forever trap. For he only knew suffering since he awoke. he suddenly started to notice the trends of his captors. One day he saw his opportunity a split second. a moment to try and escape.

He awoke during one of his movements to one of the testing operations. He was able to free his hands, During transportation. Robert was able to turn off the system that held him in place. in doing so. he was able to stumble down the hall... running. faster to what he saw was 2 doors. running until he busted through the doors only to be meet with eye blinding light …

Location: Halo deck-
Beep ...beep…
Computer- message from Be'Lana

(((Be'Lana tapped her comm badge Ltcmdr Razor I’m your new Security officer Lt Be'Lana Sok'mat where you at sir...)))

Robert was sitting in the halo deck trying to shake off his memory...
Robert- Computer send her my location

Robert had to center himself back to reality. back to the reality he was living in, the timeline, He took those moments bring himself back. as soon as his new Security officer Lt Be'Lana Sok'mat

Be'lana tapped the door of her security ,"Hello sir im your new security oficer." Be'l said waitng to get in..

side note- well howdy every one .. ok here a little long one i hope you guys/galls enjoy this one... setting this up so i can suggest promotions ahead..

Location: Halo deck-

The sliding doors opened Be'lana walk through them and into a bamboo forest. she notices that it was snowing but she was not cold. she followed a snaking rock path which was the only path. until she came up into a fairly young man sitting on top of a large wooden platform. She wonders if that was Robert Razor. Robert was sitting on a pad in the middle of the wooden platform crossed-legged in a black GI. Meditation concentrated on his breathing his mind silences for a sec. but he could hear the small footstep of Be'lana. He said nothing as she walks closer. Not really breaking his concentration until she was on the platform standing across from him.

Be'lana- “Hello sir im your new security officer."

Robert keeps his eyes closed studying her accent. The way she smelled … he always had a fascination with Klingon’s culture .. but what he always love was fighting with Klingon species their intensity their strength even though they would overpower him on a straight on fight.. it gave Robert motivation and high amounts of energy to spring back and continue sparing with them.

Robert- ke'chaw!.. (defend yourself) Lieutenant Be'Lana Sok'Mat!..

Suddenly the simulation began out of nowhere ninja appeared both Robert and Be'lana
Robert sprung up to the surprised Be'lana passing by inches to hit the ninja dressed all in black behind her. With a side, kick Robert was able to kick the ninja off the platform and back into the bamboo Forrest. As he did he turned around throwing a punch to another that was trying to stun Be'lana with a punch to the ninja side then kicking in the side of the ninja knee bringing the ninja down. Robert surveyed the platform again making sure he kept track the ninja’s by this point gather on one side of the platform all looking and Robert and Be'lana. Robert looked at Be'lana.

Robert- DeS 'ej ghob ghIqtal (take arms and fight to the death)

And suddenly with a sly smile Be'lana look back at the ninjas. slowly walking towards them started to show her power. like a tank, she was able t bring them down with single punches. As they tried to kick her she would catch them and throw them off the wooden platform Robert stood their scooping out Be'Lana. As she fought even for being half- Klingon she still had a lot of strength. A lot of power. Robert notices the fun her species of fighting came out for a split second. The 10 ninja’s that were left were quickly defeated by Be'lana in mints. Robert Stood on the opposite side of the platform looking at Be'lana. And when she finished she turned back to Robert.
Robert- Kyamo (beautiful)
Be'lana- you know our language?

Robert- to defeat an enemy one must know everything about the enemy. Even their language. …nuqneH. Qaleghnes Be'lana…( A Klingon greeting)
Robert gave Be'lana a small bow...
Robert- so your my new security officer. Then show me why you shouldn’t be the Chief Security. Fight me and become the
Be'lana- sir??....
Robert- you heard me correctly this position is under you.. I've read your file, show me your strength. Defeat me or ill kick you off my ship. Transfer you off.
Be'lana- your only a mere human, you can not stand up to a Klingon..
Robert- then it should be easy…
Be'lana- SuH (ready)
Robert- mok (begin)

Be'lana heavily walks towards him ready to strike Robert with a punch. But Robert understood he had to be agile against her. Robert waited until she threw the punch at his chest to turn at the last second so she flew past him. Using her momentum he used her arm as a lever, to toss her body in a judo flip, Robert stepped back as Be'lana looked at him shocked. Angerly she stood back up and went to grab Robert by his GI on both shoulders tossing him to the side like a rag doll. Robert was stunned by her strength but was able to roll out and stand back ready for her.. the fight took a couple of hours. Robert knew that it was gonna take a long time to fight her. She was strong and her people were no quit’ ers. By the end of it, both Be'lana and Robert where sweating, bloody and their clothing was tattered.

Robert- khi-GOSH (let’s go)

Robert saw the opportunity to finally strike after playing a defensive fight the whole time. Catching Be'lana by surprise his speed was a shock after the couple hours of fighting. no mere human could have shown this immense strength against a Klingon. Robert using his body threw a double kick at Be'lana chest trowing her back to the ground and Robert falling hard onto the floor . but not realizing as he was landing..that he would land on his exposed side on the platform seat he was sitting on. Knocking all the wind from his body leaving Robert gasping for air.. at the same time. Be'lana was experiencing the same feeling from Roberts kick.. suddenly their was a blast of laughter from Be'lana
Be'lana - SuvtaHvIS SoH QaQ Human 'Ijqu'law' (you fight good for a mere human)
Robert- (bearly able to breath gasping for air as he couldn't help laughing coughing and breathing.) Thank.. this a tie for now…

Robert and Be'lana stumbled out of the holodeck into the hall, Bloody and battered up .as other crew members looked upon them. all they could do was laugh as they walk to the medical bay…


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