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Two Hearts Best as One, But is There A Tiny One?

Posted on Thu Jun 11th, 2020 @ 2:53am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa & Major Katana Rochelle

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Bridge

(this takes place 8 hours after last post between MayTa and Katana)

Katana sat there and counted the days again and swore. How could this happen and then so damn fast? Her mind swam with thoughts, how will he accept this? Would he get mad or upset? Added to that they were not officially married to boot! So you can imagine how her mind and heart was racing. Fact was, she missed the last two months and now had to tell him. Slowly she walked into the bridge and sat down next to Mayta. My beloved I have something to tell you", she said.

Col-MayTa sitting therelooking over a pad. He wonders what the CMO has to talk about. He hears
Captain Katana. He looks up at her,yes dear?

" I hope....well really .....', Katana started, but could not quite find a good way to say it. "Please Mayta don't get angry at me, but......." she studdered slightly, "I missed the last two months", she said as a tear formed and fell.

Col.MayTa looked at her, he makes a funny face. He smiles at her, so your saying yout pregant? Are you
sure. He thinks I hope so! I really love her,and pease God let it be boy if its a girl. Thats fine. He looks
at her smiling.

"Your not mad at me......what a relief. I wasn't sure if....." stopping mid sentence, she looked him square in the eye, "You hoped I was and you want a girl! Why you old targ you, you hid your feelings again!" she said kidding him openly. "We need to get married my love," she said softly holding his arm.

Col-MayTa looking back at her, once we get back to Star Base Rave we will promise. He holds her hand.
You know Ashley and Kelly are going to hit he wall. He thinks Rochanko and Asher are going to lose it, Lt,Keno over hears, he turns around, About Freaking time Boss. God wait till I tell Lazerus about this.
Col-MayTa looks over at him. Then back at Katanam,No way for either one of us to back out now. He
looks into her eyes.

"Nope we can't back out. There will be a lot of people in shock when they hear this. Including a few friends of mine on the Starbase" Katana said smiling and kissing him again. "Lt. Keno is quite right too. About time", she whispered.

Col-MayTa whispers back its been 10 years Kat. eevryone been pushing me to find someone, I did not exspect. It makeing me to find someone. Did not expect it to happen this soon. He eyes Lt.Keno then Dyson at Ops. Who is is makeing a funny face. Lt Keno MayTa blurts out. Stops sending message to everyone. Let
US do that. Lt,Keno looks at Dyson, Um to late sir! He turns back around and checks helm. Col-MayTa sighs
there gose the fun and incomes the head aches. He looks ayt Katana who is all a glow.

"It won't be long before the entire quadrant knows Mayta at this rate. Your crew and friends love you and want to see you happy again. I just wanted to be a part of that joy, and now I am", Katana says, looking at all the smiling faces on the bridge.

Col-MayTa looks around, True Kat vary true! Ok OK People back to work He blurts out at them.He looks at Katana Now the fun begins. He takes a breath, Back to work love back to work. He lest go of her hand and
Picks up his padd. He shakes his head and knows His daughter Staff Sergant Ashley is on her way up.

"Yes my step daughter is almost here," Katana giggles softly and goes to the engineering station.

Col-MayTa happy yet oddly nervouse. He remeber when he asked Tammy to marie him. He was not feeling
like this at all. He also thinks WTF is going to happen next. He watches Katana walk over to Enginering
console. He looks around and make a face and smerks. At less Fudgy dose not know yet, I get to tell
him he is getting a mommy. Aslo a little sister! He returns back to his reports,


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