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Hope you dont mind

Posted on Tue Jun 9th, 2020 @ 8:55pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa & Major Katana Rochelle

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Co's Quarters
Timeline: Current

(on) Co's Quarters

Col,MayTa walk up Katana and looks at her. Hey you I know I said you can take today off. But
our new CMO just ordered me to get some sleep. So do you mind watching the bridge. There
are a few thing, I need you to look out for He starts getting undress. He turns and walks to the
closet. He back to her and his muscualr back to her. I reall hope you dont mind. He takes off
his paints and his muscular legs flexing as he takes off his paints. He gets into a pari of
shorts and a tank top. He truns and walks back over to the bed and sits.

"And exactly what do you want me to look for that I am not already looking at?" Katana asks. Sitting next to him, she kisses him tenderly. "I know the Doc wants you to get some rest but I think you need some TLC too!" she added.

Steve(MayTa) Looks at her, There will be time for that. When we finsh the mission. He for some reason he
thinks about asking. Her to marry him. I need you t keep a close eye pn everything. Specailly the way
teams and the fighters. I suspect there may be a temporal incurgance. The race is a level 34 threat. You get
a call from anyone of ours about it. Wake me I dont care if is an hour from now. He holders hand, As he dose'Fudy wiggles betwen then and ,looks up at them. Steve looks down, He thinks, hopfu;y she wiil
become your Mommy. He kisses Katana and the gra s fudy. Nap time buddy. He climbs under the sheets.
Fudgy lays onn Katans pillow. You need to finish getting dress. He watches her as ne lays in bed

"Men!!!!" Katana says laughing, as she finishes getting dressed. Fudge looked at her through half open eyes, "Yes Fudge, some day every soon I will be your mommy but for now I have to go to work," she says kissing the dog and gently kisses her sleeping man. "Sleep my darling, Kahless is watching over you," she said softly. Quietly she leaves their quarters for the bridge.

Steve in a deep sleep and he starts dreaming of the past. He drifts in and out of freams and after 30 minutes of a deep sleep he dreams of his being recalled back to the Sanctuary.



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