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times running out

Posted on Wed Apr 29th, 2020 @ 10:45am by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Colonies
Timeline: current

alright shits about to get crazy here on this planet....where is every one else out ????

Welcome new friends and old cranky ones... to another sad adventure of the sanctuary ... sanctuary ..sanctuary ..sanctuary ... as we last left our hero he was getting an investigating where every one within the colonies was at ... time is running put and their is more dead then predicted


colonies daily meeting with the heads.
location center distc

the meeting was held every morning. all the heads of each district would telephone in and give an update on their district. since Robert arrival he been taken note of the status of each district. and how much they change. what he found out was the numbers were not matching up.. it seemed like not all infected number changed.. it understandable but why are certain districts numbers not changing in cases of infected.

Robert understood this was not right he would have to visit these guys in person. so after the meeting Robert took a small team of 2 and himself and visited a couple districts unaccompanied by colonies security forces. he noting the amount of people that were in the streets,was not the same. noting the amount of people going out to work or going to the stores. using the public transportation. every where he went it seemed empty. some party of those had no power flowing through them.. like not a living soul was living in those parts of the city.. after exploring more districts and finding more of the same. Robert had enough.. and headed back he needed answers. answers like were is everyone?.. and why are so many districts are abandon.

Robert walks into a officials offices

Robert- alright sir.. i need answer what the hell is going on? where is every one.. and why are you hiding body from us..

Colonies official- LT Robert?... I..I...I didnt know you were coming..I... have no clue what your talking about..

Robert i found a stash of bodies within your district and i need answers .. why have you been telling me the truth sir...

Colonies official- what body.. what building .. i dont know of any bodys within my district ..

Robert- how are you getting your numbers in the morning then?? i need answers or ill be pulling my men out and you can find your own way off this planet..

Colonies official- no please i get my numbers from our medical team that email me the numbers that is all i know..

Robert- i do not believe you ...

Colonies official- i swear it i have no other information i promise..

Robert could smell the fear in the official and understood that he was not getting anything from the like of him.. Robert gave him one more look didn't say anything else and walk out...Robert took the long way back .. well going back to the command post.. he felt a strange feeling like some one was following him .. he took several twist and turn down alleys and roads until he was far away from who ever it was he could spot once they got to an opening.. their was 2 figures standing in the alley way ..looking at him.. then they slowly fall back into the shadows.. and just like that something hit Robert like a bag of bricks.. this is not right he thought ..this is all not right.. their something going on.. and their not telling us .. robert quickly turned around and went stright to the command and control center..

Robert- Jarvis get me all the LT leadership i want an emergency meeting now..

Robert sat in the ship of the command and control ship going over the numbers for each day their was their .. the number of dead don't seem to add up... they have people their taken care of the body's .. Ive seen them.. or did i .. Robert could not think of how they were decomposing of the body's... i have to investigate this .. i need more answer .. all of the Lt showed up for the meeting.

Robert- alright gentleman sorry to pull you away from you meetings but i have been investigating the reason why this whole place is in shambles. and yet am still collecting proof believe their is a lot more going on to this situation then they are saying.. i don't know how many of you pick up on anything strange but... and i believe some of you have .. but... the more i dig deeper the more i am finding some kinda cover up...

LT's- what do you want us to do?

Robert- i need you to start investigation stuff your self.. keep things low key.. we don't want them to understand what we are doing but.. their something their not telling us... i also need numbers of colonies residents left .. the numbers of dead to living are not matching up.. and i dont know about you but been finding more dead in abandon buildings. which doesn't seem right.

LT's- sir also are resources are starting to dwindle what is the plan if the ships not back in time...

Robert- ill try to make deals with the locals to get us more food .. we should be good with water ..power and fuel... also i want to implement a buddy rule.. no one leaves alone..

Lt - sir

Robert- is their anything els?

LT's- no sir ... any update from the ship?

Robert- nothing else since the XO incedent ... which means their moving.. i will let you know in the next following days..

all the LT's left .. keeping their ears and eyes opened.. but time was already coing to an end and Robert did not have any answers..

in the next couple days robert hunted, ask, and argued with colonies residents to find any new leads.. but could not find any.. the morning meeting change as the number of dead raised.. the colonies heads were getting angry at Robert wondering why they have not been able to find a method in finding the cure.. robert.. tried to plea with the reason.. but robert could not fight with them. they resented him for asking so many question.. robert was stuck between a hard place and a rock.. their was no way he could move about with out the heads of coloines knowing about it.. they would question his every move.. they never let Robert alone after he questioned them once.. at this point Robert had to trust his teams to find anything new.. he was stuck in the command and control ship or in meeting with the higher up about non-sense daily task ..escape plans .. plans to fix this or that .. well people died they would rather have a meeting and Robert could not handle the stupidity of such matters. robert left one of the meeting going into that make shift desk within the command control bubble

Robert- Jarvis, get me the status reports of all teams on planet.


security Teams- people,provision and equipment- orange
notes- security liaison continue to assist colonies security forces with crowd control. crew member's are mentioning that civilians are starting to rebel against colonies forces. they are becoming afraid. also mention that certain districts of the colonies are becoming closed off and not monitored by security forces due to virus. our crew members will try to investigate those off limits locations. colonies exit plans are under way on how they will evacuations the districts. and is almost complete. waiting on medical sections to complete a faster infection check. people are not happy and the danger of fighting is growing.

medical teams-people,provision and equipment-orange
notes- medical teams are in 24 hour work schedule. trying to find a faster way in finding who is infected. results are still in the air and testing is difficult due to the travel that must be acquired to get to the people that are infected. medical teams are tiring and becoming stressed with seeing all those infected. the additional hand given to us are helping. but the colonies science teams are getting kick out now they can watch through a window all i care...

science teams -people,provision and equipment-Green
notes- even with our science teams cut we have been able to make some progress. we been working with colonies engineers. in trying to find the reason why temperatures been so high. we informed them that we needed to drop the temperatures of the colonies. so as to stop the infection from living in the air.. they said no .. we are trying to help and they are telling us no their started saying we have no clue what we are talking about..

control teams- people,provision and equipment-Green
notes- all bubble tents are green. ships are ready to go when ever, green. power to all equipment is green. our provision are green and can hold for another 8 days. water filters green. sterilization machines are working hard but non have shown any problems.
long range communications are gonna be spotty sue to the atmosphere . high altitude storms are messing with that. our teams continue to make sure operation run smooth. and continue to help monitor crews on ground.

local news report that was playing on one of the screens flashed a video with a message coming across the screen.. ..emergency please stay at home... many infected people now have been spotted walking out into the streets please stay within doors.. your safety will be at risk if you go out please wait for security forces to come to you.. as we will evatuate certain districs....

all Robert could do was sit their...

Robert- Dammit....MayTa i need you ....


for the darkest of nights bring peaces for the smallest of lights...


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