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"Two Hearts Beat As One"

Posted on Wed Apr 29th, 2020 @ 4:13pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa & Major Katana Rochelle

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Current


Katana was picking up the pieces in engineering. The sudden stop tossed everything that wasn't nailed down. She had been thrown across the railing of the warp core landing on her side. Knowing she had ripped something on her side, she looked for the injury and found it. Blood soaked uniform gave way to a large gash on her ribcage running down to her hip. It hurt like hell but she continued to work inspite of the pain and blood.

Suddenly the doors to engineering opened and Mayta backed up into her domain. Sensing his emotions, she walked up to him, Mayta what has happened? I sense your hurt and pain", Katana said putting her hand on his shoulder.

Col-MayTa looks at her, I thought I asked you to head to the bridge. He shakes his head. I;am just checking
on Lazerus and Engineering. Since your here I see everything is ok. He just looks into her eyes.

Col-MayTa still be side him self and not sure what to say,

Col-MayTa smiles at her,Um He pauses for a second. I;am moving you up to XO. He wants to speak but cant.
He just stands there looking at her.

"Myata what really is wrong? Remember I am part Betazoid and this close I can easily sense that something is very........wait.....", suddenly stopping as it sunk into her head finally. "Fek'lar......what happened to her Mayta?", Katana said looking deeply into the man's eyes. She could sense the pain and sorrow of losing someone.

Col-MayTa eyes her, "I don't think shes going to make it, he looks at her and looks down. I have never lost
an command staff officer ever." He blink and just stands there, Kat she is also the youngest XO I had to lead.
"I begged her to leave, well tried to scare he off," he hangs his head and thinks.

MayTa is not handling the thoughts of losing his Command staff.

Katana embraced her heart stricken captain, "You must understand that when we put on these uniforms we knew what we were getting into. It is never good to lose anyone on a mission, let alone a command officer," she said releasing her hold on him. "Captain, I have lost many a soul including my captain. I know how hard it is to try and understand why they were killed. Yet life goes on and we must rely ourselves to continue on believing that they would have wanted us to move on and finish what we started", Karana said looking at his face.

(this part is leading in to my next mission post)

Col-MayTa Standing there just looing into her eyes. he just wants to hold her for some reason. yet
he just wants to hide. I have to get back to Medical Deck, We will talk last if you don't mined. He holds
her hand. Unless you want me to stay. He looks around, you have a lot of work here. Just to remind you
You need to keep and eye on Lazerus. He tries to smile but cant.

"Stay a while, you need to find yourself and think about what we are going to do next. Something caused this to happen. I have a good team down here and they can handle the repairs. Right now, as your XO, it is my duty to see to your welfare," Katana said in a soothing

Col-MayTa still beside himself

Col-MayTa thinks of a second I'll be ok, You head up to the bridge and heandel, Engineering
from there. I left Lt.Keno In charge, I'm going to check the hangers bay and drops ship. Need
to make sure we can use them. He touches Katanas Shoulder. I'll be ok he gives a small kiss on the
cheek. Before he dose he makes sure no ones looking. He turns and heads to the Turbo Lift.

*END* ( ok my own Mission log we will be losing Captain Be'Leana hre wonds are to bad to mend
her injuries)


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