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the way down

Posted on Tue Apr 21st, 2020 @ 5:35am by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: verouse
Timeline: now

Alright ladies and gents lets have some fun I started writing this at 3am..

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: transportation bay
Timeline: now

Mwo Rochanko was sitting in a chair on a computer as Robert loomed over him watching as data flew across the screen..
Mwo Rochanko- the data is coming in fast the scans but their still at 60 % the closer we get to the planet.. the faster it will get
Robert- oh ok good can we start rendering what we have
Mwo Rochanko- not until we completed the scans
Robert- ok stay here until you got everything, we need then meet me in Deck 13 will give the teams their final brief before boarding… also lets see if can get a diagram or map of where their going.
Mwo Rochanko- ok ill bring it up now well its still scanning ill put something up for the teams.
Robert- ok thank you Rochanko ,,
Robert turned around and walks out the Transporter room and head down the hall still in his TTAA suit.
he steps into the turbo lift.
Robert- Holo Deck!
As the lift zips off he, and he thinks about eating cake for some reason… razor steps off and enters the Holo Deck , into a snowy bamboo forest. As he follows a small sneaking trails he comes into a Zen like rock garden. At the center of the garden was a wooden platform with a single pad ontop of a mediation bench made for one… the snow continued to fall around him. Razor took off his TTAA suit quickly. Exposing him in his state-of-the-art fabric jump suite onesie. Then sat down and crossed his leg. He sat up closed his eyes and took a long breath …. You could see his breath as he exhaled… Robert was scared. His anxiety was getting to him. but he could not let that get to him for there was too much at stake. Robert took another breath. he needed to quite his mind. Inhales deeply. And world seemed to pules around him like an for field for each breath.. followed his breathing… he was silenced… for split second he forgot where he was.
Jarvis- Robert scans are at 90%
Robert snapped back to reality
Robert- thank you Jarvis

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: transportation bay/ Deck 13
Timeline: now
Time left 16 hours

Robert was in front of the screen that projected a map of the colonies, Rochanko was next to him going over the brief to the teams.
3,560 Civilans
1,600 sick
400 dead and Rising

Known factors environmental changes
planet class type M
Temp Was 96* F Now 110*F
Winds Was normal gust light Now 40 to 50 Mph Gust
Visabilaty very hazy
Sun index 12 Very high
Steam Vents have open along with fisures. Steam is constant at a temp of 100^ F
Vegitation Dying
Inhabitants Animals and Humans alike Sick

Unknown factors.
Virus Infection Unknown
Bactiral Infection Unknown
Contact Pathogin UnKnown
Air Born Pathogin Unknown

Bio Hazard level High to exstream
Bio-Armor/Ev suits included into Medical protocal.
Other ships are in rout but. wont be there in weeks,
Primary Directive save Colony at all cost..Use and obtaion what resourses need.
Secdonary Direcive If unable to save the Colony, evacuate all surviving Civilians and
nutralizes the Colony sits and head to medical back 34 ins sector 001.
Any questions??
Razor could see the faces of the marines go silent again. It did sound like good news.. nobody was expecting planet to be in such bad shape. And the colonies have so many sick already .. Robert steps up
Robert- so you got the latest updates now… and it does not look good. 1,600 sick and 400 dead.. which means we need to play it safe.. I know your leaders already briefed you on protocols. I am not going to beat the horse to death. But what I am going to say is you better have guts well you’re down their marines. people are goanna be looking at you for support. and we are the face of safety … make sure your doing your uniform justices. Also well your down their if you start to feel anything going on with your self do not I repeat be afraid to say something I rather you be treated first then be a casualty... And most important for last is look out for each other we are goanna be spread across the four winds we wont be able to stay together .. this is why working in teams are important. you are all brother and sisters here and we take care of family. here…. Now I am goanna ask this one final time… is their any here with any questions?

The room was silence…
Robert-ok is their any here that wants to quite…..
Still the crowed said nothing,
Robert- is their any here that feel like they can finish the mission or be able to do it.
No sound.
Robert- good now tell me in your loudest and thunders HOah! That I have one of the finest god dam marines in this whole Dam military!!
Suddenly the crowed goes crazy with loud HOah! being screamed from the tops of their lounges.
Robert- that god dam right ladies and gentleman. Now get to your drops ship or give me twenty for we got 16 hours to get this done….

The crowed suddenly gets frantic as teams move quickly to their ship in order to take off
Robert slowly slapping some of the marines on their helmets as the passed him. Robert tuned to Rochanko shook his hand.
Roobert- see you on the other side..
Rochanko- keep updating me ill be on stand by
Robert turns to see Col.MayTa standing behind him, Robert snaps to attention renders proper salute.
Robert- Sir, all Teams, equipment and ships are accounted for. ships are prep and the men are waiting for the green light to go…. Sir we are ready to kick ass and save some names…
Col.MayTa snaps to attention in front of Razor slowly Bring his hand up to his head.

Col.MayTa- well get your ass out their marine!
Col.MayTa dropping his salute.
Robert- Roger that sir…
Robert drops his salute quickly --- turns around and runs to the command and control ship
Robert – Jarvis patch me through all ship coms … alright you bunch of air heads let’s roll out!!
Location: inner space
Timeline: now
Time left 15 1/2 hours

Phase 4- commencing
As soon as the command and control ship hit orbit things became uneasy for the ship. It started to violently get rocked by turbulence. As they hit high altitudes in the planet. suddenly another shake violently threw Roberts Head back against his chair almost knocking him out.
LT Team 2- you ok man
Robert- nooo I think I broke my neck
LT Team 2- well were off to a good start
Robert- oh yeah
Pilot- hold on tight just a little turbulence until we reach cruising altitude.
Robert- Great thanks for the warning…haha

Phase 4- went off without a hitch
(The command and control teams arrived and landed first with leaders of each of the 5 teams. They Greeted with the Colonies leaders to establish ties and understand the current situation. (aka long briefs with the locals). As the brief were happing, the rest of the ground crew members were working with ground teams to establish the location for the five-ship to establish a forward mission control (FMC) location. This location is were Robert wanted to set up to support the colonies, well also protecting the ships crew from getting sick them self. And this is also the location were they monitor the vitals of the crew. Bring back samples to test and have long rang communications set up to keep in constant communication with the ship.
Robert was back at the command and control ship opening comms with Rochanko

Robert- Rochanko… things are really bad man .. I am goanna need a team up their to analyst sample we send up. be prepared to receive everything the colonies have given us .. I want a full study and break down of their assessments make sure they are not missioning anything. I got the LT team leaders goanna brief me their plan for tomorrow morning. before the teams go out and start investigation with the scientist. .. the securities Sergeants are going to meet with security forces and do a side by side to investigate the flow of people living here. Hopefully. Distancing measures have been emplacing…other then that please keep me updated if you find or see anything. anything strange please let me know.
Rochanko- understood. .. I will be prepaired
Robert- Robert out

Robert type in some more on the screen
Robert- coms to Col.MayTa and Captain Be'Lana Sok'Mat… status report…..

Alright ill end it here and post more later on… hope you like it.


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