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"Duty Calls"

Posted on Tue Apr 21st, 2020 @ 4:15am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa & Major Katana Rochelle

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: TBD


Katana was worried about figuring out temporal mechanics. It was something that always facinated her but never could geta firm grasp on it. Going over the specs, now 50 times, it left her still puzzled. She needed to talk with someone else who knew more than she did on the subject and that person was the Colonel himself. Tapping her combadge, "Katana to Colonel May Ta Death, I need a few minutes of your time sir", she said. Now to wait and see what would be the answer.

Col. MayTa standing on the bridge waiting for his XO. Suddenly he sees her, "How doing XO". Captain Be'lana
stops. "Sir doing good we are almost ready to go, preparations will be done in 8 hours sir". "Good," he states. Just then he hears his Ceo Katana's request. +Taps+ I'm on my way Katana, Be'lana you have the bridge".

Col. MayTa heads to Engineering. He wonders what she wants. A little while later he's waking onto, the main
engineering deck. He nods to everyone as he's walking up, to Katana and he noticed shes just as attractive
as Be'lana. "How can I help you Chief," Col.MayTa asked her. He notices Lazerus going nuts with his new post
and teams.

"Oh, yes Col. Mayta, I was wondering if you might explain briefly the temporal plane that we use here. I was good in temporal mechanics but not THAT good to be rerouted here. I am somewhat lost when it comes to temporal planes", Katana admitted sadly. She wondered if she would wind up getting transferred off the ship for not knowing as much as she wanted.

Col.MayTa nods, "It's really not hard about what plane we are on and use. We operate of course in sub space.
As well in alternate times lines, so right now we are in normal space. Our time line, now when we jump
to another time line. We just jump to the date and time, If we pinpoint jump. Then it gets harder to navigate.
When we do that we are, travling back or forward in time. By riding a Time thread of an event. Of a Person or
place in time. By doing that we can jump to a second or days before of time of the event. In away its like folding and unfolding space in time with or with you moving. Does that make sense?", he looks at her.

"Surprisingly it does make the bigger question. When we are traveling through time lines, I know we have temporal drive engines but are the calibrated to disengage when we enter normal time and space? There was a question raised back in the engineering circle if this type of temporal drive would actually work", Katana asked, raising an eyebrow

Col.MayTa laugh I figured you would ask that, the answer is yes. The drive work as 97 out of the 100, Temporal Scientist agree. I know this is because the Sanctuary tested the drive systems. There was a few
hick ups. Be we worked them out, just remember to keep an eye on. The variances at a point .10%
between Normal space and the fold. If not we will get tossed to god knows where. The reason for the 10%.
Is it gives you and the computer to adjust at .05% on both ends of time. Col.MayTa pull's up, what they
call the Time drift on the Computer systems. Now look at this Katana, as you can see with a .05% room for
adjustment. We can manage to keep the drive working at 98% at all times in flight.
What you learn and what you dealt with in , your training and in the academy. works to a certain point. Past
all that you have learn. You some times have to use what you think will not work, and it dose. Col.MayTa
just smiles at her, You will do fine Chief. Don't worry your now going any where. If you don't mind I'am going
to go and check on Lt. Lazerus.Unless you have any more questions. His eyes locks on her as she smiles..
He wonders what his XO is upto..

"Ah......I see, now I understand. It was the .10% variance. Fine, that was the answer I was looking for", Katana said. Smiling, her eyes locked on his eyes as she smiled. "I have some reports to do. I will take my leave Colonel", she said turning on her heel and moved off...


CPO Katana Rochelle
Chief Enginerring Officer
U.S.S. Sanctuary


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