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The Fights/Lower Decks

Posted on Sun May 1st, 2022 @ 10:24pm by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Ok we are NOW back on line post are being filled!

We are still fighing the Blight and about to encounter te New Borg faction.
KMajor Katank will be handleing DS( and the conflict with the Cardassians.
She will be using NPCS Specially Anica Henssion (7of9).
Captain Franks will be Commanding VEGV Out post getting well. Trying t get it ready for service.
There are problems galor this is where some oe . The Lower deck comidy takes
Mean wail Genral MayTa and the galiant crew . Try to fight the blight and my get help with the Borg.
Abord ship the crew are being true Marines and doing thier duties, Major Ipons along with the Bridge crew.
Try to do thier best to hekp the Grneral who at this. Point is Strested and going some days with minimum sleep.

This will be a 3 parter,
D=9 Crew 'Major Katans 'and as shit load of nps.
Captain razor is ON LOA,

Sactuary Crew
General MayTa CO
Major Ipons XO
MWO Tactical Security Acting 2nd Office
Captain Jester Marine XO
NPCS filling

we are awaiting 3 more people to joing. Lazerus our CEO
Asher our ZSquadren CO
Obrian Our Helm

If anone knows anyone who would be intersted send them outr way {LEASE



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