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"Moving Day"

Posted on Mon May 18th, 2020 @ 5:30am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa & Major Katana Rochelle

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Current

Katana was happily packing her belongings to move with her beloved man...Mayta. Dancing from room to room she had her things packed in no time. Tapping her combadge, "Katana to Mayta, ready to beam my things to your quarters. Continue?", she asked smiling.

Col.MayTa sitting in his office, wondering why she just aked him, He thinks she could have ust done that. +com+ go ahead Katana. He looks at the progress of the deployment. He wonders whats going on
down there. No one has reported back in yet NOT even his Marine Co or the Doctor.

Hearing his response, she had her things beamed to his quarters including herself. 'Oh my kahless!!!! What in the hell?' she exclaimed out loud. How in the name of all that was holy was she going to fix it now so that both could live comfortably. So she set about fixing up their quarters so they could both live as one heart.

Finally finished, Katana walked into his office and gave him a kiss. "Problems my love."

Colonle MayTa looks at her yeah we may have a Temporal Problem. Captain Ions and Asher reports
Possible Tharian Preseance.. But they dont know if they are here or not. The last thing we need is
this. Oh dont move fugy's bed or his blanky on the bed. Also some times he sleeps with me. You know
how puppies are. Besides that feel free to change or move things. He grabs her hand and kisses it.

"Well after I fixed up the place Fugy and I played a good while," Katana said kissing him again and biting his ear. "So this temporal thing, I am going to try to sense their presence if you want," she added as she ran her hands through his hair tracing his ridges gently.

Colonle MayTa that good Fudgy Likes yu anyways. You can try to detect the but they are all ways n flux till.
they want to come out. Anyways I got to get back out on the bridge. He kisses her and watches her walk out. He stands there like WTF moment just hit him. He walks out back to the Bridge.


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