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"She's Hooked"

Posted on Sat May 9th, 2020 @ 3:07am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa & Major Katana Rochelle

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: TBD


Katana went looking for Mayta after he left engineering. Not finding him, she headed out of engineering to look for him. It took her about 20 minutes to find him in his ready room. Tapping she waited for him to answer.

Col.MayTa stops reading a padd,He sees Captain Katana on the security monitor. He thinks its time. To play
hard to get, He gets up and goes to the other door. Come he speaks out, and leaves the room. He makes his
way to the flight deck. On his way he thinks where to go next. He speaks to himself, If she follows me then
I know she wants me. I have never felt this way before, not even for Tammy when she was alive.

Walks into his ready room but he wasn't there. "Mayta?? Now where the hell is he!", Katana said growling. Leaving his ready room she headed around the ship once again. Walking the lower decks, she walked into the Flight deck looking to see if he might be there.

Col.MayTa See's Captain Katana from the far end of the flight bay, and quickly make is way to the tubo
lift. He gets in and heads up to his quarters. About 25 minutes later hes walking onto the bridge.
He tells every one, if anyone comes looking for him. Or asked about him, hes on the Marine decks.
He heads to his quarters. He stops and heads to his office and locks the door, He sits down and thinks.
This should take her some time to figure things out.

Tired of this game of cat and mouse, Katana walks off the flight deck and starts at the bottom of the ship and works her way up. She knows the specs and all the crawlways and hiding places and 40 minutes later ends up back on the bridge. No one is giving her any help as Mayta had already ordered them to not say where he was. This made her livid and only heightened her desire to find him even more. There were only two places, his quarters and ready room. Not forgetting he was also a hybrid like herself, she finally found him, banging on his door, "Mayta open this door or you won't have one!," she roared.

Col.MayTa laughing a bit, readys the site to site transporter, he thinks one more time. Come in he answers,
and shimmers out to Drop ship section. Deep in the bows of the ship. If she really wants me? She will have
to prove it big time. He sits there and wairs He dose a trick he learn to block all telepaths. He clears is
mind and meditates and purges all feelings and emotions. He becomes totally undetectable to any and all,
telepaths on board or out side the ship.

Katana barrels into his ready room, "Mayta you son of a do......where are you? P'tagh!!!!!!! Stop hiding coward!!!!!", she growled. Katana was unbelievably pissed. Even with being a half-breed, it was never wise to anger her. It only heightened her sexual desires more and made her more of an animal in heat. Leaving his office, she could not find him by empathy so it told her he was blocking his mind so now she had to think.

Starting again, she headed down to the last deck and used her tricorder this time for thermal heat signatures. Deck by deck she moved carefully scanning everything. Getting to the hanger deck of the Drop ships she tricorder gives her a soft beep and she proceeded to where the heat signature was registering. Silently she opened the door and grabbed Mayta kissing him instantly on the mouth biting his lip at the same time. "Gotcha ya finally", she growle

Col.MayTa looks at her,don't be so sure? He holds her and looks into her eyes. He lets her go and takes her bay the hand. He leads her to a window. Look out there he pointsto a trinary star. Thats how I see us one day.The third start is our future. He looks at her, Telll you the truth, I neverfelt this way before. Not even
when my wife, Tammy was alive. He holds her close, they do not see Staff Sergant Ashley MayTa. A.K>a Skippy standing near the turbo lift smiling. She thinks its been 6 long years. I have to tell My sister Kelly.
Ashley steps into the Turo lift, I;; speaks to him later, she whispers. Col.MayTa smiles If you want Be'lanas old quarters its yours. But if you ? he pause ad takes a breath. If you wish you can move in and Fudgy. There is plenty of room. He smiles once again, we need to get back to the bridge He tales her hand and they walk to the tubo lift ad gets in.



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