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[Backlog] meeting da boss

Posted on Fri May 15th, 2020 @ 7:43pm by Captain Robert Razer
Edited on on Sun May 17th, 2020 @ 2:32am

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: USS-Sanctuary

=/\= Security Office -/\=
Tara was walking down the hallway, and thought she would meet her boss 1rstLT Razer she kept walking down the hallway till she
got into the Security Office. She tapped the chimes, and waited till he said come. she stood there with her blond hair, and tail wagging.

Razor sat at his desk finishing up an email. one of the many in the sea of endless email that haunt his inbox. as Private 1st class Tara R'honn-Richardson stood there tail wagging. Robert has never met a half-ling Caitain/human before and was very curious in meeting one. Robert slowly scanned PFC Richardson. interesting enough he was surprised how fragile they looked in person nothing he ever expect from some one coming into the security section. but looks were never something razor like to assume things over.

Robert- well its my pleasure to meet you Private 1st class Tara R'honn-Richardson. welcome to the USS Sanctuary. i am 1st Lieutenant Robert Razer Chief Security/Tactical Office. please my your self comfortable.

as Robert pointed to a chair across his desk.

Robert- and let me say its my pleasure to meet a Caitain. I've only herd and read about your kind. when i read that one would be joining us i was quite happy to hear it. now it doesn't have to be now but i would love to hear about your history and culture of your people. now let me quickly get the formalities out the way before i like to hear from you and any question you like me to answer.

Robert stood up from his desk grab a box that was sitting on a shelf, the box contained many of things in it. as robert walk towrds PFC Richardson and hands her the box.

Robert- gifts (small chuckles) ok lets began .. in that box contain many items that i require my security members on this ship to have at all times. for I demand only the best from my crew. why because we are in charge of the safety of this crew on this ship. it is our priority to make sure that this ship is always one step ahead of the curve if something goes wrong.. on or off this ship.. its our duty to make sure every single member make it back to the ship alive. and its our duty to make sure we place their safety over ours. now i run things very hard.. but i do it because i care for i see every one on this ship as family. and i take their safety very seriously. now past that doesn't mean we can not have any fun.. by all means my motto is work hard play harder....

robert contuine slowly walk back to his desk

Robert- now as i was saying about the box. in the box you will find a data pad that contains information about the ship, its crew, and firearms you will be using. along with many data banks of information you would like to know. think of it as a personal search engine..please make sure to read them and understand them as best as possible. i require you to be in your best possible physical shape. i require my security teams to train in some sort of self defense programs within the halo deck. hand to hand contact will be tested and i always want to make sure you are ready. i also require you to be able to shoot the many weapons on this ship.. when things get bad i want you to pull the trigger when i need you to.. please vist the shooting range as much as possible.

Robert stood behind his desk chair with both hands on his chair. directly looking at PFC Richardson. staring into her soul..

Robert- now one last thing.. we are here to uphold the peace of this ship.. its protection of the crew is my responsibility.. i will not take lightly. if i hear of any conspiracy of anyone trying to break into the ship. trying to murder one of its crew member's i will personally see that they feel ever break of their bones in their matter what race, type of alien they may be...

Robert's expression quickly changes to a smile and plopped himself down on his desk chair with a total transformation.

Robert- other than that welcome, now that the formalities are over please feel free to talk freely ...(chuckles)

Tara looked at 1st Lt Razer. "Thank you, Sir, I really appreciate what your welcome, I will do my best to serve you, sir, I will try not to fail you as well
Sir. Tara said while standing at attention the whole time, All she wanted to was to be the best that she can, and not goof up. Tara's Tail was
wagging as usual and nose twitching, even though shes a halfling Caitian/Human. She didn't care about that all her worry was being the Best security officer for her Security chief.

Robert in his chair looks at Tara ...she stood there for a long second... after she finished talking.. he noted her nose twitching and tail wag...

Robert- please take a seat .. I would like a drink some food.. please I always wonder a lot about Caitian...

Robert waited to see what she would say.

Tara looked at her Security chief with a small grin and as she sat down on the chair."Right now, I'll just take a cup of Earl grey tea Hot with sugar of course, and wheat toast please with butter." Tara told him

Robert went to the food synthesizer and retrieved a plate of toast and cup of tea....settling them in front of Tara... before making his way back to his office chair.

Robert- please help your self... by all means.

Robert grabbed his coffee cup and took a drink..

Robert- now.... what made you want to join the sanctuary?

Tara looked at 1lt Razer, "there was word around Starfleet there was a Military ship looking for positions to fill so I flew a shuttle from a Starbase to head off to better waters." So here I am at your service." Tara said with a smile, as her tail wagged slowly. "I'm not full Caitian sir, I'm what you call
a halfling. so I'm half Caitian, half-human with still some Caitian features." Tara told the 1st Lieutenant, as she enjoyed her Tea and Toast.
Robert took a sec ..
Robert - whats does a full caitian.. look like? Of you don't mind me asking.. Tara looked at him more, "more furr than I" She grinned.Why would you ask about full Caitians?" Tara asked.


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