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Posted on Fri Feb 28th, 2020 @ 11:21pm by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: Welcome back
Location: unknown
Timeline: unknown
Tags: the mental suffering

}Dark room{
Time: unknown
Location: unknown
Report: unknown

Curled up in a corner Robert squeezes his legs against his body.
Robert- no it can be?...i can’t be alive?…. i cant? .. can’t… I am dead… I am dead...
Robert begins to rock back and forth repeating those words. My hurts… my head a hurt’s so bad. why am I alive?....
The room has no lights in it.. and it was bare. Bare floors, bare ceilings. There is nothing that was in the room but Robert and he stuck to the opposite corner he crawled and felt his way towards when he awoke.

Robert- this must be hell …. Hell. Hell…..hell (and as loud as he could scream) Hell!......
Robert never thought of the outside world .. what was going on or where he was.. just the pain just the darkness. there is no we ..there is only darkness.. darkness is my friend.
Robert rocks back and forth…. Laughter began to arise from the darkness...
Robert- strike me down demon scum.. stop your coying with me and end my suffering.. if this is indeed hell…kill me…


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