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sending emails

Posted on Fri Apr 24th, 2020 @ 10:20am by Captain Robert Razer

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Colonies
Timeline: current

welp .. looks like am goanna have to cut this story into little chunks. maybe like a chunky money ice cream.... mhhmm were the thought of it is really tasty but once you eat it you feel like your goanna die ... yes just like that without the dying part.

as we last left our hero... he was in the Colonies. and the story continues

Locations: Colonies
Robert stood in front of a computer looking at the map that had the different districts displayed in front of him. He was looking on how each district repented the differences of each class. Each district revolved around a centered square. All he could do was think to himself. A square where the governing parties controlled the operations of the colonies. it was also the were all the stores were located like a town square were people gathered to buy and sell goods. A hot spot for people to transfer a sickness. But the colonies knew these. Sadly, it seems like they were hiding this. like they were trying to ignore it. but they lost control o it. sadly, it was to late to stop it. Robert began write all these in an email that he will be sending the Cpt/ colon. It was an update email... and a mighty sad one…
Security forces updates
Robert- sent out security lesions out with security colonies forces. They took them around the colonies. They ran patrols with them. Trying to see the damage. Robert even went out to on patrol with them when they visited one off the slum’s districts. It was a sad scene, a heavy impacted district that been infected with the sickness. Many of the low-income workers had no choice to go out and work but sadly at the cost of the sickness. So many of the colonies doctor were visiting the district. But sadly, the district was heavily monitored by security forces to keep them within the district. The security forces enforced Social distancing at the highest. Arresting any violators. security forces were also in charge of passing out Food portions to those districts to keep damage and fighting down. Well also enforcing the
clothing requirements, of wearing garments to stop the infection.

Medical updates
Robert also went out with the medical lesions. Especially going out with them when they visited with the segregated the dead bodies of those infected that died. They decided to ask for permission to dissect the bodies. They were able to pull some blood from the dead bodies to see if they can collect some data on the infections. The medical crew is currently under investigation to find any clues about the strand.

Landing teams’ updates
Our Landing teams did a top nocte job in putting together. The bubbles where we would be setting up to our base of operations from setting up the location of our command and control bubbles to setting up the medical and science labs. They may be few crew members, but they are in charge in maintain and fixing any problems the forward command base might encounter.

Scientific teams’ updates
Scientific teams are currently chasing the reason these dieses are affecting not just humans but the animals and plant life… they are also investigation why the colonies temperatures were high. They are spread thin but there are chasing any anomaly that the colonies are presenting.

We are holding strong. And I am consistently running around making sure i visited and rides along with the different teams to learn as much as I can. No rock is left unturned, no question is not being ask. these are hard times and we need as much information as possible. We do not have time. But hopefully in the next email I will have better news. But as for now. we only see gloom. the worst part of it is the children within the districts we seen children that were dead and infected… we are spread thin now as everyone is currently trying to collect as much information as possible. So as for now … Robert out.

Robert stood up from the computers and looked around the bubble to see crew members working at their laptops. computers pad. it was late and Robert needed to sleep.. he walk to to his cot.. to try and sleep a couple of hours.

In the darkest of nights, we must stay true for only the light at the end of the tunnel we release us for our own pains.


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