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Blasted Mess

Posted on Sun Apr 19th, 2020 @ 3:08am by Major Katana Rochelle
Edited on on Sun Apr 19th, 2020 @ 3:15am

Mission: Cry For Help
Location: Lounge

Katana was pissed as hell with herself. New orders, new ship, no explanation, and worse; NO reason for it. She needed to speak to someone. Tapping her combadge, "Captain Sok'Mat, CWO Katana Rochelle here, can I speak with you in the lounge," she asked.

Be'L was on the bridge looking over things with everyone on the bridge, she tapped the Captain's chair. "Katana come up to the Captain's office so we can talk please." Bel wondered why the new 2XO wanted with Bel. Bel continued sitting on the Captain's waiting for her.

Katana made it to the bridge instead as the XO had said. It was not like Katana to get pissed the way she was but this was different. Walking up to the captain, "Sir permission to speak in private?", Katana asked.

Be'L looked at her, "Let's take it in the Colonel's office where its private," Be'L said as she got up and told the helm to watch the bridge." So Katana what did you need," Be' L asked her while facing her in the Colonel's office. "Are you ok and is there something I can help you with?" Be'L asked her.

Turning to look at Be'L, "I am quite confused at the moment. I was supposed to be transferred to the USS Arkansas. Then I got new orders telling me that I was going to SB 465. Now I wind up here in the Sanctuary. I don't understand.....the only thing I can think of is that maybe my engineering experience is needed here," Katana said with a puzzled face.

Be'L grinned at her, "That's Starfleet for you they like to move people around like an Earth-like Merry go around," Be' L chuckled at her, "You probably got the winning Ticket and here you are Chief Engineer/2XO," Be' L grinned. "I bet the colonel was impressed with your engineering too," Be' L told her.

Katana was surprised by what the XO said to her. Sure she was a very extraordinary chief engineer, but to be put on a temporal drive one was an honor. "Well I know I have good skills but....temporal that is awesome. I really haven't seen engineering yet but," she stopped suddenly deep in thought.

" You should go check out your engine room cause that's where you are stationed at," Be'L said as she was having a nice conversation with the Chief Engineer.

"I think I shall but first, let's drink a toast to the Sanctuary shall we?", Katana said producing a small bottle of Klingon wine.

Be'L looked at her, "That sounds like a very good idea," Be'L said as the two of them enjoyed bloodwyne together.

For Katana, it was a good thing to learn about her superior and to see how comfortable she was with her. "I am glad that we had this discussion captain. It allows me to get a feel for my superiors and learn about them. I feel it very important to understand who we are and what we feel. I am grateful," Katana said finishing her bloodwyne.

Be'L smiled at Katana as she listens to their new Chief Engineer." I'm glad you do, and I'm proud to say it too." Be'l smiled at Katana, as she enjoyed
her company.

"This has been an interesting conversation but I must get back to engineering", she said as she got up. Saluting the captain, Katana left quickly.

Be'L smiled and saluted back." see you later." Be'l took off for the bridge.

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Cwo Katanna Rochelle
USS Sanctuary-F
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Executive Officer


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