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Something is not right

Posted on Tue Aug 10th, 2021 @ 2:37am by Lieutenant General Steven MayTa

Mission: The Blight Part 1
Location: bridge of the Sanctuary
Timeline: current


Bridge: General MayTTa sitting in his sat things seems normal.

Col.Irons looks over from the Xo seat, Out post Vega V reports normal, traid ships checking in
like normal. No signes of the blight.

Geneal MayTa looks over and nods, he thinks its been days and no report from my ghost.
Ok Jermy. General MayTa looks up, CWO O'Hair eta?

MWo O'hair looks down at his console , sir 77 hours at present speed.

General MayTa sighs and odd feeling comes over him, he gets up and walks over to
tactical. Rochanko anything?
MWO Rochanko checks his sensors, nothing sir with in 30 light years.

General MayTa looks over at Lt. Kathy and Lt. Cynthia. He walks over.
Report you two.

Lt, Kathy running sweeps, sir no a thing not even from the wiskers.
Lt.Cynthia sighs long ranks recon probs are not picking up anything.
not even space dust.

General MayTa walks back to his seat and stops. Any word from DS(?

Col.Ions looks down at his read out, no sir. Nothing yet,

General MayTa looks down, he thinks something is wrong. I just cant put my finger one it.
there should have been something.

General MayTa looks up, are we sweeping on all bans and frequencies?

Mwo Rochank looks down, aye sir!\ Lt. Kathy aye sir1 Lt. Cynthia Ditto sir1

General MayTa sits down and looks over the data. He makes a face. He hits a few buttons
and the holo Com comes on. Captain Razor Standing there..

Captain Razor looking at bit worn, sir what do you need?

General MayTa looks at him, things ok back home, how are the Cardassians doing.

Captain Razor so far behaving, not much going with tem.

General MayTa how are Katana and the kids?

Captain Razor kids ae happy as can be, Skippy baby sit last night wail Katan is slowly
getting back to work.. 7 of 9 Is modifying everything. I cant keep up.
So far the station is battle ready. Well for the most part.

General MayTa you know your orders Captain I better have a Station to come back to.

Captain Razor smile aye sir. Razor out, Razor turns to the sounds of infants in ops.
What the hell, Ashky dont bring them up here. The connaction stos due to when Razor
steppe doff the padd.

General MayTa sits back. At lest things ar ok back home Colonel.

Col.Ions looks over, Sir I seen that look before,? you ok!

Gernal MayTa nods to him with out a word.

Col.Ions looks at Rochank the at O'hair like oh SHIT!



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